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Things To Do in Oudtshoorn

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五常介子推A town on the outskirts of South Africa is famous for its ostrich breeding industry. It is also called Ostrich Town. It is a well-developed town due to the large number of tourists. There are many ostrich farms available in the local area. The large-scale facility is the Safari Ostrich Show Farm, where you can ride ostriches, feed ostriches, watch ostrich races, etc. I personally recommend riding ostriches to take pictures. Quite scary, I saw a foreign blonde beauty almost never fell off. There is also a Cango Wildlife Ranch in the local area. There are photos with animals. The photos I took with the little white tiger are only a few hundred South African bucks, which is much cheaper than the domestic ones. We photographed the little cheetah. We bought ostrich products directly from the factory, which is much cheaper. There is an episode. On the first day of Oudtshoorn, I witnessed a car accident during dinner. A car hit a motorcycle and escaped on the spot. The police received the police very quickly.
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D28***62this is the best ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn. the prices are good, the guides are knowledgeable and you have a great experience. highly recommended
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D28***62a good place to see some different animals and have an animal experience if you are game. the tour takes an hour and they really educate you about all the animals they have. you can get in with the cheetahs, or crocodiles and some others. there is also a decent restaurant where you can get edible food. worth a trip
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D28***62nice caves. there are 2 different tours. the first is the regular tour that takes an hour and you go 600m into the caves. the second tour is the adventure tour. you go 1.2km into the cave BUT the spaces are small and you have to be lean and fit to be able to do it. the regular tours go every hour on the hour and the adventure tours go on the half hour and take 90 minutes to complete. I did the regular tour and we had a great guide and it was quite enjoyable
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sallyThe ostriches here have been domesticated very docilely, and there is a male bird and a female bird specially used to interact with tourists. They can be fed after getting food from the staff. Regardless of their long mouths, they are actually very measured when eating, and they will never pinch the hands of tourists. There are also various ostrich crafts, such as ostrich eggs, ostrich lamps, leather bags and so on.
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凤凤吖吖Sitting on the treasure chest, Dias set foot on such a boat in Africa. At that time, dozens of people floated in the vast ocean. They didn’t know the way forward. The spirit of the explorer was always worthy of admiration. The United States still retains this kind of spirit. The spirit, except for Jobs, Ellen Mask and other contemporary explorers who dare to be pioneers, continue the journey of mankind on the new ocean...