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City Park
小思文Pittsburgh Park is also a suitable landscape to visit, this place is also very suitable to visit, the scenery of the small park is very beautiful, many things inside are more suitable for visiting, and I saw a lot of interesting things when I came here The shop.
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Featured Neighborhood
Hanyang44Mount Washington is in the southern part of Pittsburgh, across the river from DownTown. The mountain overlooks the skyline of Pittsburgh and is said to have been rated as the second most beautiful vista (and the best urban vista) in the United States. Overlooking the night view of Pittsburgh on Mount Washington at night is a beautiful view recommended by locals. There is a cable car going up and down the mountain, this cable car has been in operation for more than 100 years. The cable car station is old, and even the grill in the station box office is an old thing. There is a viewing platform on the mountain, which overlooks the confluence of the two rivers of Pittsburgh and DownTown. In fact, you can enjoy the scenery everywhere on the mountain. There is St. Mary’s Church on the mountain, and the residential buildings are also very distinctive.
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小思文There is a small train track on this slope. It is a natural hillside. The entire hillside area is very natural. The environment here is also quite good. You can also see some unique design content on the slope. I like the visit here. .
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Botanical Garden
小思文The botanical garden is similar to a greenhouse, but also a research institution. You can see many excellent things here. The collection of the botanical garden is also quite large. Many greenhouse plants are also quite gratifying. The plants are very lush and beautiful in color.
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小思文The Andy Warhol Museum is a building with a long history. The history of the museum is also worth learning. You can also see a lot of old art in this important museum. I like to visit it.
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天鹅湖的青蛙The University of Pittsburgh has less reputation in China than Harvard and Yeluda. But it also ranks high in the United States. I think cities like Pittsburgh, which are dominated by steel and heavy industries, are very similar to our Northeast. But the reason why it has not fallen to the northeast is because of the economic transformation plan made by the University of Pittsburgh twenty years ago. From heavy industry to computer, biotechnology, medical, etc.

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Children's Museum of PittsburghAllegheny County,United States

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Byham TheaterAllegheny County,United States

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SpeakeasyAllegheny County,United States

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Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and MuseumAllegheny County,United States

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Frick Environmental CenterAllegheny County,United States

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Mattress FactoryAllegheny County,United States

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22 Oct, 2021 Pittsburgh Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 80%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:37/18:32
Pittsburgh Driving: Suitable, Running: Good, Cycling: Suitable

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