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Art Museum
乐乐嘻嘻哈哈乐乐嘻嘻哈哈This museum was originally established to collect antiques, so the collections here are quite rich. But what I didn't expect is that there are still many diverse works in the collection. I see this painting mainly on the Internet, but we may be watching the flowers on a whim, and we have not noticed it.
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Featured Neighborhood
淼淼0301淼淼0301Whenever I go to a city, I especially like to visit its old city, because the old city feels very good, and the old city can see the local history and people's living customs. The old town of Rennes is also very interesting. The environment here is beautiful and it has a sentimental atmosphere.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
M34***68M34***68The ticket price for the tower is 30 grams/person. In fact, this price includes not only the tower but also the monastery museum. The exhibits in the museum include some relics and historical pictures left by the historical changes of the monastery over the years. Through the museum, you can see the door with entrance to the bell tower. From then on, the tower is not high, and the second floor can take a panoramic view of the whole abbey.
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Churches and Cathedrals
sculptorsculptorThe monastery of Mount Saint-Michel, a tidal island in Normandy, France, about a kilometer from the northwest coast of France and on the mouth of the Cusnon River near Afranche, is an important part of the town structure built by feudal society. The top is God, and the bottom is the Abbey. Down here, the hall, then the warehouse and the house, and at the bottom (outside the wall) the house of fishermen and peasants. Since 1862, the Abbey has been protected as a historical site in France.
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Historical Site
虎步世界虎步世界Saint-Malo, a small city in northwestern France, guards the main channel of the English Channel. Its walls are thick, easy to defend and difficult to attack. It is a fortress. Has an indissoluble bond with pirates, once occupied by pirates, also known as pirate city. There is also a small national fortress named by Louis XIV. Walk around the city wall for about 2.5 kilometers, and watch while walking for about forty minutes.
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