San Mateo County
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Things To Do in San Mateo County

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BanyeeThe scenery is beautiful, and nearby people often come to relax with the whole family on weekends. There is a beach suitable for surfing and a beach where children can play with sand and collect shells. When the tide is low, it is also very interesting to run on a large reef to pick up shells and see anemones. Wait until the evening is quietly waiting for the sun to spill over the sea, beaches and rocks, the world is warm.
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Modern Architecture
十字小溪-YA trip to Zuckerberg’s Facebook headquarters in San Jose is a must, although you cannot enter the work area. The surrounding area is surrounded by parking lots, and there are many white awnings for valet parking. The houses are mostly decorated with colors. You can reach the Facebook board when you go around the office area. Tourists in twos and threes are taking pictures.
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正义的力量Sometimes, the place to study is much more important than the content to study. I am really enegized by the sunshine.
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moxiaoyaThis is one of the well-known attractions on Highway 1, and tourists who drive this route should stop for a while and take photos. Pigeon Point Light Houes has a history of more than 130 years. It is also the tallest active lighthouse on the west coast of the United States. The lighthouse is on the cliff side and is 35 meters high. The car can only be parked on the side of the road, and then you can reach the lighthouse on a short walk. That sea area is exceptionally beautiful, and it is said that in some months, groups of whales can be seen there. On the day we went, the sky was very pure and blue, cloudless, and the blue sky with the white lighthouse was particularly conspicuous. There is a small shop next to the lighthouse for souvenirs and souvenirs related to the lighthouse. We bought refrigerator magnets in the shape of a lighthouse, which looked pretty. The wind on the beach is very strong, so you can leave after taking a photo, otherwise, after a long time, I think the whole face will be deformed. Haha!
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Rafael OsorioThis is probably the most famous place in the city and it’s a must to see. It’s a place that is worthy to see during daytime and nighttime. the is a small hiking trail surrounded but lots of greenery. it is very windy and a bit difficult to find toilets nearby.
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Sunflower1Love visiting Lombard street in San Francisco during summer season where flowers there will boom , sky will became very blue together with the colourful houses make it very photogenic.