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Things To Do in Seine-et-Marne

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
TripFontainebleau Palace, located southeast of Paris, is known as a "looking glass into French history." It is listed as a World Heritage Site. Originally a royal hunting site, it later became one of the important palaces of the French Renaissance. Later, numerous famous architects and artists took part in its renovation and left imprints of styles from various eras.
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D35***25Truly magnificent stay, magical place for children, possibilities to find a shuttle that takes you to Disneyland Park. To visit
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_We***24The Fontainebleau Forest is one of the most beautiful forests in France. The dense layers of conifers such as oak, tolly and white birch are like a huge green carpet. With the advent of autumn, the leaves gradually change colors, and the red and white are translated as "Fontainebleau".
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莲子99This is the back garden of Fontainebleau Palace, with a large pool, a bit like Versailles, but more natural, the lake with fish, geese, very human, will be together to the people, it is beautiful.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
华-RainbowThe medieval town of Prowan has a history of over 500 years, the whole town is quaint and elegant, the stone buildings, the pale yellow exterior walls, and the twisting river, how beautiful it is.
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