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Things To Do in Shkoder

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翱翔的大鲨鱼This lake is very beautiful. Between mountains and plains, the slender lake is more like a jade belt. Surprisingly, there is an unnamed old castle in the lake and his mini version of the Great Wall, which is the right time to go in autumn.
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Art Gallery
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National Park
萱妹子The beautiful place that makes lazy cancer patients arouse fighting spirit-Theth National Park Theth National Park, this beautiful and pure place is said to be discovered by a missionary, and then an expedition team was organized to explore this place. A traveler has a good impression of this place, not only because the scenery here is great, but also because the local people here are particularly enthusiastic √——The scenery here is very beautiful, there are many mountains, but it does not let I, a person who is afraid of walking, retreats because it is very beautiful and people can't help but want to see the beautiful scenery from the mountain. In the process of climbing, although it is very difficult, every time I ascend, I can see more and more beautiful scenery, which keeps me moving forward and taking pictures continuously. Although it does not sound very famous here, However, many people come to play. The woods on the mountain are also very dense, and the river can be seen during the period. The white water flow makes people look so comfortable! And I don’t know why, seeing the current, the tiredness of mountain climbing was immediately reduced by more than half. ——Travel Guide Because I was playing nearby, I went there by train, and then I took the bus to the park. The climate here is very livable, and there is no need to bring any weather equipment, so enjoy it. You can
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Churches and Cathedrals
juki235This is a famous church in Shkoder, the whole church is very glorious, with a sense of a mosque. The arcade inside the church is very tall, and there are exquisite murals on the walls, which are worthy of everyone's appreciation.

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St Stephen's Catholic Cathedral (Shkoder Cathedral)Shkodra,Albania

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Muzeu Historik ShkoderShkodra,Albania

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Shkoder BridgeShkodra,Albania

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Shkodra LakeShkodra,Albania

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