Bahagian Tawau
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Things To Do in Tawau

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队长 大使馆Sidang is a sea island near Semporna, a city in Tawau, and visitors can go to the island of the slopes by passing through the city of Kabalu or Tawa. Only to those who will go back to KK Airport do not surprise, cache between RM 120 - 941G (per car and yes per trip or SEHALA)
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National Park
pxy0705Tawau National Park is located 36km north of Semporna County, Malaysia. It can be described as the most beautiful place with sea views in Malaysia. Here is the famous Sipadan Island, the most famous diving destination in the world, and it is definitely a must-see for Malaysian island tours.
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yun0630There are many nature reserves in Tawau, which also shows how much the local government pays attention to the protection of the natural environment. Although many tourists visit here every year, the beauty of the original ecology is still maintained here.
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嘟嘟鱼82I think this is a very unique place in Tawau. It is very interesting to see the production of cocoa beans. I have to say that the natural environment around here is also very good. It is very original. You can also see buffalo and unseen ones. Bird, a windfall, highly recommended
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coo***anJust as I always see on TV: Ctrip is in hand, just walk away...Malaysia travel is a whim, and you don’t need a strategy. Just follow the list of Ctrip’s attractions. It’s a nice place with unlimited natural scenery. Table Waterfall Positioning is accurate, direct navigation
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coo***anUlu Kalumpang Forest Reserve is a forest reserve in Tawau. It has a large area. Those who visit in Tawau usually come here to have a look. The vegetation is rich. Watching the sea and walking through the forest is one of the main tourist methods in Malaysia.