Te Anau
Southland District
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Things To Do in Te Anau

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Mona有个梦想Photographs are not allowed in the Glowworm Caves. The scheduled seven o’clock in the evening itinerary, Lake Te Anau is beautiful and beautiful, and the scenery by boat is also amazing. After watching the fireflies return trip, the sky is full of stars, shocked, it’s just like a dark reserve , So beautiful, fireflies are also very beautiful, inside is a big cave, the blue fireflies flash and twinkle, very dreamy!
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Geological Sites
旅の径Te Anau, located on the southeast shore of Lake Te Anau, is a lakeside town with beautiful lakes and mountains and a small permanent population. Because it guards the traffic arteries leading to Milford Sound, the town has become a transit point and base for visiting the Fiordland. The tourism service industry is the pillar industry of the town. There is a tourist service center in the center of the town, and there are several supermarkets, banks, restaurants, tourism equipment stores, and souvenir shops in the surrounding area to provide tourists with comprehensive travel services. The lake is surrounded by hotels. It is a rare treat for residents to spend the night watching the lake. Take a walk in the town and enjoy the scenery by the lake, which is comfortable and comfortable.
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286***06Marian Lake is not on the roadside of Te Anau-Milford Sound. The pictures with waterfalls sent by people are not Marian Lake. You can only reach the beginning of the track by car. It takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours to walk. Arriving, the path is relatively difficult, but this lake is very beautiful, it is worth visiting if there is time! You can see the Marian Falls not far from the road. The water flow is very large, and people with poor physical strength can see the waterfall and turn back, because after passing this waterfall, the path is difficult and dangerous. There are no roads that have been repaired. A place even needs to climb up. The last 5 pictures are all along the path
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Miss LexusMirror Lake, Jucy Cruise, rainbow, water fall, Monkey Creek’s mineral water.All in one day at Milford Sound!
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pxy0705Manapoli is a small town on the banks of Lake Te Anau. It is built by the lake and the scenery is very beautiful. The whole town has European-style bungalow buildings, as well as large green spaces and flower bushes. Flowers bloom all year round. The spring is full and the scenery is very beautiful, it is worth visiting.
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pxy0705Te Anau Wildlife Center, where many wild animals rescued from the wild are kept, mainly kangaroos, alpacas and deer unique to Australia. After they have been raised here for a period of time, they will be stocked in the wild. Everyone can get in touch with them up close here. They are really docile and lovely.