Metropolitan City of Turin
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Things To Do in Turin

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小月亮弯弯Follow the Inn River all the way to the east. Both sides of the strait are surrounded by large green farmhouses, fascinating green, and indisputable countryside. In the distance is the endless snow-capped Alps. This time I saw enough, and I also learned the longest mountain tunnel I have traveled so far. The endless feeling of bottomlessness cuts off time and space. When he came out, he suddenly enlightened, and the distant mountains were not humble and kept quiet. Two wild geese flashed high above the sky and struggling to move forward.
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风筝爱旅行Check in the Egyptian Museum The Egyptian Museum was designed and built by the famous French archaeologist Mariette, who is called "the father of Egyptian museums" by the Egyptians, in 1858 in Braa, north of Cairo. The Egyptian Museum should be regarded as the museum with the longest stay. I didn’t even stay here for the Palace Museum for a long time. Maybe it’s just one chance, and I won’t want to go again in the future! For me, visiting this kind of place is really a go-around.
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_We***95The film museum is unexpectedly interesting! I thought it was just a simple introduction to the development of film history, but it turned out that in addition to film history, it also introduced optics, light refraction, image presentation, and the evolution of film production. It also includes movie scenes, which is an interesting experience for people to be in.
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王怡嘉A very large square connects the Royal Palace of Turin and the commercial street, and then straight ahead along the commercial street is the train station. On the rest days, there will be many people performing arts on both sides of the square and the commercial street. As far as I am a layman, the standards are quite good. There are old choirs, young bands, artists who use empty barrels as musical instruments, and solo artists... They will not make you feel like a marketer who is eager for money, but rather perform for happiness. . Watching the show with a bunch of coins and giving some support to your favorite show all the way, you won't get tired of shopping for an afternoon.
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xiaohei5678The Turin Automobile Museum itself covers a large area and has a unique design. The content of the car exhibition inside is even more exciting and dizzying. It is awesome in all ages, styles, and brands!
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
轻轻的一个蚊Torino Valentino Castle is located in the Valentino Park in Turin. It was one of the palaces of the Savoy family in the 16th century. It is now the seat of the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Torino. It was opened in 1856 and was included in the World Heritage List in 1997. It is the same as all Savoy palaces, the front is white and the back is red brick.