Gorod Tyumen'
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Things To Do in Tyumen

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vivienvivienThe Holy Trinity Monastery is located in Sergeyev (Zagorsk) 71 kilometers northeast of Moscow. Holy Trinity Monastery-one of the oldest monasteries in Russia, also translated as Trojca Monastery. It is located on a high hill next to the town. The Three Holy Monastery of Sergius has churches and outbuildings in various forms that have been reconstructed and expanded in various dynasties over the centuries. Including: Church of the Holy Trinity, Dukhovsky Spiritual Church, Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Pope Palace and Smolensk Church (1748), as well as rooms, bell tower, charity hospital, etc. In 1993, the monastery was included in the World Cultural Heritage List.
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Bowling Alley
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
当地向导行erThe Kremlin is built in almost every city in Russia, and here is no exception. The Kremlin in a small city is more quiet and there are almost no tourists. Feeding the pigeons here is a leisure time in the afternoon.
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当地向导行erThe museum in the small town has a small area and a small area, but it clearly records the rise and fall of the city over the past hundreds of years. It is well worth taking some time to take a look at it. It is best to have a local friend to accompany you.