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Oo西野司oO📚U.S. "Island Magazine" listed the Black Beach of Vic Town as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. After being carved by nature, the basalt has become black sand. 🇮🇸 So when you come to Iceland, you must come to this black beach to get a closer look. There are two ways to play in Black Beach. One is to climb to the Diholari Strait and overlook the black sand beach from a height, which is particularly majestic. Another is to play directly on the black sand beach. You must pay attention to both methods. The wind here is very strong, and if you don't pay attention, it will make you feel unstable. 🧍‍♂️Standing on the natural piano keyboard on the basalt mountain wall, I feel that this place can explain the end of the world and people’s imagination of outer space planets. 🌊 The scorching molten slurry that once could destroy everything, becomes delicate and soft black sand under the icy cold sea water, in the face of time-the vicissitudes of life. 🔱The Raynes Rock standing in the sea is said to be petrified by giants. It is called the two monsters on the sea horizon. It is also one of the filming locations of "Game of Thrones". The sky is getting darker, and the black beaches and natural rocks add a bit of ethereal and mystery to this sea area.
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周游列国If the world has an end, then Iceland is the end of the world; if there is a wonderland in the world, then this place is also Iceland. The term "the end of the world and the cold wonderland" could not be more appropriate to describe Iceland. The barrenness of Iceland can be so lonely as to have come to the end of the world; the beauty of Iceland is like a fairyland in a dream; but the windy, rainy, and hail Iceland is so cold to the extreme. It is also the only place in the world where aurora can be seen throughout the territory. From November to February of the following year, the beautiful scenery of the aurora, the ice cave that can only form naturally in winter, the doomsday snow scene of Hollywood blockbuster, etc., are not uninspiring.
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daidai对对[Scenery] Here you can feel the magnificent and long-lost beauty. The high mountains are really as beautiful as invincible. There are several small villas under the mountains, which are too friendly to the people who live here. [Fun] Not far away, you can see the vast snow-capped mountains misty and fairy-like with dry ice. In the past, you could only see such a spectacular place on pictures and videos. [Value for money] Very nice
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M49***70Huge stones, dozens of rows from the inside to the outside, hung on the cliff in a staggered manner. The innermost layer is the longest and is close to the water. The outermost layer is shorter and close to the sky, but they all have a downward trend, as if they are always moving. The falling rock stream stretches for nearly 100 meters. Under the outer layers of stones, there are still ice cones of different lengths. The water flow in the middle is flying down, as if carrying huge rocks. The ice cones are also flying down. The water waterfall, the ice waterfall, and the stone waterfall are all in one, falling from the sky. Apart from awe, awe, what can we say? Closer, you can see that the water flowing into the turquoise ice pool, except for the water directly below it, is still water, and the spreading water seems to solidify into turquoise jade at once, immortalizing. And by the feet, there are rows of crystal clear small round bars, they are crowded, laughing and unrestrained. If you look more carefully, you will see rainbows deep in the mist, high and low, and sometimes suddenly. No, indulge, yearn, people in the world. On the way down the mountain, there is a well-preserved thatched-roof house, with a back view of the ice field, a real hideaway.
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M26***82Camping is really good for summer camping with good friends, not only well-equipped, but also beautiful natural scenery, if you have outdoor experience will find extra fun.

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