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Things To Do in Wellington

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Tree-LiWellington (English: Wellington, Maori: Te Whanganui-a-Tara or Poneke) is the capital of New Zealand, located at the southern end of the northern island of New Zealand, with a population of about 450,000. It is the second largest city in New Zealand and is the cultural center of Oceania along with Sydney and Melbourne. Many artists settle or live here, as well as many art cafes and lively nightlife. The hills near Wellington are splendid with green, blue sky and beautiful scenery. The climate is mild and the seasons are spring. Wellington is a warm and humid climate, a famous tourist destination in the South Pacific. Wellington is a transportation hub to and from the two islands. Wellington is also one of the best deep-water ports in the world. The weather is warm and sunny under the influence of oceanic climate. Wellington is a fault zone, with the city built on hills, except for a flat surface on the sea. The port was badly damaged by a major earthquake in 1855, and it is now rebuilt after 1948. Wellington is on the Gulf, with its high ground and often hit by sea breezes, and windy for most of the year, so it is called the Wind City. On December 26, 2019, it ranked 225th on the Top 500 list of the world's cities in 2019.
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pxy0705The Te Papa National Museum of New Zealand is an important museum dedicated to displaying Australian indigenous culture and paleontological history. There are many fossils of ancient animals in the collection, which is very amazing. In addition, the Maori cultural exhibitions here are also rich and colorful, showing the cultural characteristics of New Zealand in all aspects, making people linger.
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Historical Architecture
雨丝风片Recommended by the Capitol: It is best to make an appointment on weekends in this place. Usually there are not many people. You can go in without making an appointment. Go through the security check before entering the door. Except you can go in, nothing else can be brought in. There is a place to send packages for free. After sending the package, go to the service desk to register and get a number. A tour guide will take you to the Parliament Building. There are only English-speaking guides, but there are brochures in Chinese. Transportation: In the city center, walking, you can also take the bus, there are stations nearby, see Figure 3. Tickets: Free, it is best to book a visit time online. Time-consuming: about 2 hours
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Botanical Garden
_We***98The cleanest most beatiful park and Gardens I have seen. Do take the cable car up or down for a great experience.
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Featured Neighbourhood
zhenmeiquHow to play Cuba Street in Wellington~ The plan is: shopping! It is easy to find some of the most design gift shops on the Internet, and head straight to Cuba Street! Oh my god, I really went crazy! Although Cuba Street is not the same as the Cuba I went to, the graffiti is very beautiful! Belongs to a small romantic place on the corner. Moreover, there are many shops you can visit, which are not expensive, and some clothing shops are very cheap. I can’t help but buy a lot of them! The graffiti here is quite suitable for taking pictures, the restaurant is average and the price is more expensive. However, there is a small shop on the roadside to buy some things you can take away at will~ I recommend the best shop and aromatherapy shop in the picture~
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Observation Deck
Cable Car
chinadesk1The Wellington Cable Car departs from Lambton Quay Street, with a total length of 612 meters, a crawling 120 meters, and an operating time of five minutes. Board the cable car from the bustling business district to get a bird's eye view of Wellington's city and the vast coast. The terminal is the entrance to the top of the Wellington Botanic Garden. Currently there are only two cable cars in opposite directions, which can carry 100 passengers in total. Passengers are local residents as a means of transportation, and most of them are tourists. The adult one-way fare is $4, and the price of buying 25 tickets at a time is half the price ($1 = 4.6RMB). The cable car runs every ten minutes, from 7:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Friday, starting at 8:30 on weekends and holidays and ending one hour earlier. In order to ensure safety, there are two manual brakes on each car, with overload warning function settings and earthquake protection functions. There is a cable car museum at the terminal on the mountain, which is also worth seeing, free of charge.