Best Restaurants in April in Kashgar (Updated 2024)

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AU$1SnacksOpen Late
旅行的岚杉Required documents: ID cards, border protection certificates (must be processed to Ta County) route recommendation: first day Kashgar → Baisha Lake → Karakuri Lake → Ta County second day Ta County → Stone City → Bandier Blue Lake (Xiabadi Reservoir) → Panlong Ancient Road → Ta County third day Ta County → Ta'er Township Xinghuagou → Kashgar (then visit the ancient city of Kashgar, take pictures and eat food) Kashgar → Aman Nishahan Memorial Mausoleum → Yeeryu Palace → Shache Old City → Shache Fifth Day Shache → Kashgar Remarks: It is suitable to go to Xinghuagou in Ta'er Township in March, From Bandier Blue Lake (Lower Bandi Reservoir) follow the Tasha Ancient Road. Food recommendation: Yawag Ancient Liangfan Liangpi Store (sour, hot and sour taste), Haierbage Hotel (I have tasted it all delicious) in Kashgar border defense certificate, you can choose the following places: 1. Kashgar Administrative Service Center: Located in Science and Technology Cultural Square, No. 16 Tiannan Road, Kashgar City. 2. Pamir Plateau and other places: These areas belong to the border area and need to be handled in the international self-driving and RV camp comprehensive service hall in Kashgar. 3. In the city: You can handle it at a location in the city. The specific location is in the city. You can take a taxi from the ancient city for a few dollars. You can pick up the number in the lobby to the service window of No. 70. 4. Near the airport: If it is near the airport, you can choose the RV camp to handle it. It should be noted that tourists with household registration in Xinjiang need to go to the police station where the household registration is located to apply for border protection certificates. If they are children under 16 years old, they need to provide ID numbers and be handled by parents. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents and overseas personnel need to be handled in the comprehensive service hall of Kashgar International Self-Driving and RV Camp. In addition, employees and residents of the Third Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps should be handled in the Third Division of the Corps. The time for border protection certificates is generally 10:00-14:00 from Monday to Friday morning, 16:00-20:00 from 16:00-20:00 from Saturday and Sunday morning, 10:30-14:00 from 16:00-19:30 from 16:00-19:30. However, the specific office hours may be adjusted according to the actual situation. It is recommended to call for confirmation before going. Recommended photo seats in the ancient city of Kashgar 1. Northeast Gate of the ancient city: location navigation of the Kashgar TV Tower in the alley: No. 22 Jiulongquan Pedestrian Street, Kashgar ﹣ No. 23 2. Near the entrance of the north gate of the ancient city: Dunmaishiti Mosque is here. Navigation: Near the east gate of the ancient city, No. 10 Yawag Road, Kashgar City: The net red sky garden is here, and the green plants are covered with brick red walls, and the tower buildings with Western style are very popular. Navigation: 167 meters north of No. 67 Renmin East Road, Kashgar City, at the entrance of the west gate of the ancient city: an arch of brick and light green colors, with a street view of green vines in the background. Navigation: A few alleys near the Mamu Tijiang Tea Condiment Store on Youmulak Xiehai Road 5, Kashgar City: Climbing green plants, with colorful overlapping carved doors and windows, very beautiful. Navigation: Mamu Tijiang Tea Condiment Store on Areya Road, Kashgar City #Kashgar Tourism


No. 1 of Top Xinjiang Restaurants in Kashgar
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AU$16Xinjiang CuisineOpen Late
浪里白甜This is the most tired place we have been traveling in Xinjiang. At nine o'clock in the evening, we took a taxi to go to dinner. A net red shop, went to find that the restaurant was basically full. There is a little decoration inside, but in fact, there are many similar restaurants with decoration in Kashgar. No feeling particularly prominent. We found a small table in the aisle and sat down and called for more than half an hour without anyone to write, and the waiters came and went around us, even trotting, looking very busy and looking very tired. The waiter can't write dishes, only those in black suits can order. I called a few times and didn't come, so I couldn't bear to ask him to come and order food in person. Seeing his taciturn silence and tired eyes and movements, we couldn't seem to bear to order any more dishes. I asked him what time you open at noon and he said 11 o'clock, I said 11 o'clock has been busy until now? He said yes, and he seems tired without talking. I want to ask again why you are the only one at the dozens of tables in such a big venue, and you don't want to ask. We ordered two or three things in a hurry, and we withdrew after eating. The roast pigeon recommended by many netizens is dry and woody. 15 yuan cantaloupe is the best. The decoration is average, the dishes are average, and the service is average. It was forced to become an online red store. Nothing interesting.