Reviews about Penguin Island

Summer Wilms

Reviewed on 10 Nov 2013

You can see little penguins enjoying a feed and learn about the species and the individuals who live on the island. There are 3 daily feelings and talks that you can enjoy for a fee. Outside you have the opportunity to see lots of other wildlife, too: bold seals, nesting gulls, pelicans, dolphins and peregrine falcon. Kayakers are often assaulted by overly-friendly seals who inhabit nearby Seal Island. My fisherman partner, who goes to Shoalwater Bay most weekends, has had frequent visits from a hungry dolphin that swims right up to his boat, hoping for a fishy snack. There are plenty of activities for visitors to Penguin Island - visit the little education center and join one of the feedings to learn about the local fauna, fish, swim, kayak, or take a dolphin tour. This is an excellent weekend day-trip.