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43 Reviews
小胖鱼largeVilnius Tallinn and Riga, I still like Vilnius the most. The other two old cities are too small. Vilnius’s old town takes a whole day to walk, and there are many coffee shops. It's already very cold in autumn, and the opposite country is worth your visit. Public transportation is not needed. Walking is the best way. At night it is very quiet and there is almost no nightlife.
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小胖鱼largeThe main castle is still being built, and the only thing I can go to is another tower. The ticket is about 4-5 euros (forget the specifics) but the refrigerator stickers inside are very beautiful! The top is open-air, with views of the city. There are two floors where you can see the history of Lithuania’s independence. One euro can go to the museum by car. But it doesn’t take much time to walk, but the pebbles are a bit slippery
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zlj8811The National Museum of Lithuania, located in the northwest of Gediminas Mountain in Vilnius, is mainly divided into five exhibition areas: history and modern history area, archeology area, ethnic history area, ancient coin area and portraits. It displays Lithuania in physical form. People's lives in different historical periods. Visit the National Museum to learn about the development history of Lithuania, and the entrance ticket also includes participation in the view of the Dimina Tower
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Featured Neighbourhood
小胖鱼largeAlso known as the Opposite Republic, a "farce" country, come to Lithuania to earn one more country. Of course, small and poor can be seen as an art district and a paradise for hippies. The vegetation is particularly lush, the souvenir shop can also be stamped, many fun souvenirs (but too expensive). There are many boutique coffee shops and red hotels nearby!
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大胃张😍😍😍A must-see in Lithuania, there are so many castles in Europe...but Trakai is still worth seeing. The first is the unique environment, surrounded by water on three sides, like an independent island standing quietly on the lake. The castle is well protected. Although historical marks can be seen on the wall, it is still very good overall. The inner city is now The museum displays fine works of Lithuania from various periods. Of course, the most interesting thing is the medieval prison car displayed on the castle square, and I experienced the feeling of "paradise". One day may not be enough if the whole castle is serious about it, but the time relationship has no choice but to say goodbye. The setting sun sets, the lake and the sunset reflect the beautiful scenery
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Historical Site
E26***36Astonishing church, quiet and calm good. Vilnus is much more than city but there are a lot of interesting things to explore

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Vilnius Cathedral Basilica of Sts Stanislaus and VladislausVilnius city municipality,Lithuania

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Vilnius UniversityVilnius city municipality,Lithuania

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Palace of the Grand Dukes of LithuaniaVilnius city municipality,Lithuania

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Reformed Evangelical Church (Evangeliku Reformatu Baznycia)Vilnius city municipality,Lithuania

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Kernavė Archaeological Site,Lithuania

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National Museum of LithuaniaVilnius city municipality,Lithuania

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