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Mar 29, 2024


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Option Type Number of Days Price Check Details
30GB 8 Days US$5.98 Check Now!
30GB 10 Days US$7.80 Check Now!
50GB 10 Days US$6.33 Check Now!

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The majority of eSIM providers in Thailand offer comparable packages in terms of speed, with the main distinction being the number of packages and their prices. This article highlights the top eSIM packages for tourists in Thailand.

Provider Features Validity Price 30-50GB
5g high speed
8-10 Days $5.98-$7.80
Holafly Unlimited 5-90 days $19 – $99
Airalo Unlimited 8 days $9.9 6GB 8 days $24.9
Nomad Unlimited 1-10 days $7 – $30

🤔 In comparison, eSIM is the cheapest and fastest option! 😏

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An eSIM, or Embedded SIM, differs from the usual physical SIM card you might be used to. It's a digital SIM built right into your device. Unlike the old-school SIM cards that you physically slot into your phone, eSIMs do away with the need for any physical swapping. This groundbreaking tech lets you easily connect to the internet overseas, like in Thailand, by just downloading or removing SIM details directly on your device.

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Do not scan the QR code with any camera or application except on the device intended for eSIM use; it should always be set up directly on the device that will utilise the eSIM.

Step Instruction
1. Confirm your device is eSIM compatible.
2. Navigate to "Settings" > "Mobile Data" > "Add Mobile Data Plan" on your device.
3. Scan the QR code. If scanning fails, manually input "SM-DP+Address" and "Activation Code".
4. Upon scanning, a "Welcome to Billion Connect!" message will appear. Tap "OK" to finish setup. Avoid using the eSIM line before reaching your eSIM usage location.
5. Rename the line via "Mobile Data Plan Name" for ease of identification, e.g., to "BC" for simple line status checks.
6. Upon arrival at your eSIM usage destination, disable other SIM cards, activate the BC eSIM and its data roaming to start data services.
7. If eSIM data services are inaccessible, verify your APN settings: APN - internet (Configuration path: "Mobile Data" > "Network Selection").

Precautions: The eSIM is valid for 90 days from the booking date, is single-use only, and cannot be altered or cancelled post-reservation. For assistance, please reach out to customer service.

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Note: Before purchasing an eSIM on, please check if your mobile phone can use eSIM.


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Method Details
Get eSIM Online - Select Your eSIM Provider: Choose from leading providers like AIS, TrueMove H, and DTAC.
- Choose Your Ideal Data Plan: Pick a plan that suits your needs, from short-term to long-term coverage.
- Effortless eSIM Activation: Activate by scanning a QR code and follow simple instructions for quick connectivity.
Get eSIM Offline - Availability at Arrival: If you’re landing at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok, you have the option to pick up a tourist SIM card or eSIM from various providers like AIS, TrueMove H, and DTAC directly at the airport.

Opting for an online eSIM purchase, however, streamlines your travel preparations, allowing you to bypass queues and enjoy immediate internet access the moment you land.

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The SUPER FAST and CHEAP eSIM for Thailand from, as of Feb 2024, provides 30GB of data for 8 days. 🤤

Days Capacity/day Fee
8 days 30GB USD 5.98
10 days 30GB USD 7.80
Feature Detail
Installation Timing Install the eSIM upon arrival in Thailand to start the validity period.
Data Capacity & Speed 30GB at high speed, then reduced to 384kbps. Promotion: Dial 7777664# in Thailand for an extra 20GB, totalling 50GB over 10 days.
Calls & Credit Unlimited calls within AIS network + Free 100 Baht Credit.
Package Validity Calculation Calculated in 24-hour increments based on local Thai time.

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【User Reviews】

  • I was a bit nervous about trying an eSIM for the first time, but after I connected to the airport's free Wi-Fi, it worked just fine. It was great because I had high-speed internet throughout my trip!

  • I've always gone for a local SIM, but decided to try an eSIM this time. It offered great value, was easy to set up, and worked smoothly, so I'll definitely use it again.

  • I wasn't sure how well the eSIM would work since it was my first time using one. It turned out to be affordable, and during my 7-day stay in Phuket, Phi Phi Island, and Bangkok, I didn't face any connectivity issues at all.
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Detailed Comparison: SIM cards offer the convenience of not having to charge them like you would with a Wi-Fi router. They're lightweight, and there's a wide range of plans to choose from. However, they do have downsides, such as needing an unlocked phone and the initial setup process can be a bit of a bother. A Wi-Fi router is simple to get started with once you arrive and can be used by several people or devices at once. But, you might find the battery life lacking, and dealing with pickup and return can be a nuisance, not to mention it might end up costing more. An eSIM eliminates the need for a physical card, so there's no stress about losing or damaging it. Setting it up is fairly straightforward, although it's only compatible with certain smartphones.

👇Choose the most suitable Internet option for you👇

Options Feature Caution
eSIM No risk of loss or damage
Easy to set up
Can be used immediately upon arrival
Limited number of smartphones can be used
Phone number cannot be used
SIM card No need to charge
Not bulky
Many plans available
Setup required
Need pin
Requires SIM-free phone
Wi-Fi router Can be used immediately upon arrival
Can be shared by multiple people
Can be connected to multiple devices
Worried about charge life
Difficulty in receiving and delivering

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Item SIM card eSIM
Form Physical Card Embedded (electronic)
Hassle of replacement Card needs to be physically replaced Only settings on the device
Compatible devices Requires SIM slot Only devices that support eSIM
Carrier change Need to purchase and insert a new SIM card Can be changed in the settings screen
Size & Shape Different sizes such as micro SIM and nano SIM Physical size and shape don't matter

Based on the features and disadvantages, it is important to choose the most suitable one according to the usage scene and purpose.

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Benefit Explanation
Immediate Use Upon Arrival in Thailand eSIMs offer instant internet access as soon as you land in Thailand, avoiding the wait to purchase or collect a traditional SIM card at the airport. This immediate connection facilitates smooth travel logistics, such as taxi arrangements or locating your hotel.
No Risk of Loss or Damage Unlike traditional SIM cards that are small and easily lost or damaged, especially when swapping them during travels, eSIMs, being digital, eliminate this concern. There’s also no hassle with the tiny SIM tray pin or the risk of dropping the SIM card.
Dual SIM Capability eSIMs enable the use of two networks on a single smartphone, allowing for a seamless switch between local and international networks without needing to replace SIM cards. This is especially useful for those traveling from Japan to abroad, as it simplifies maintaining connectivity across countries without the need to sign up for new services in each destination. group
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