Foreign tourists have returned to diving or snorkeling in the waters of Bintan Regency, Riau Islands Province. About three days ago, there were no foreign tourists interested in diving in the area, due to contamination with black oil waste from international waters, especially along the shores of Trikora Beach to Pengudang Village. "Thank God, today there are six foreign tourists from France, Germany and Japan who snorkel here," said Karno, owner of Bintan Nemo, Friday (21/2/2020). Bintan Nemo is a marine tourism in Bintan with the concept of kelong tourism, aka houses on stilts in the middle of the sea. Precisely located on Trikora Dua Beach. Bintan Nemo can be said as one of the favorite dive sites in Bintan for foreign tourists and domestic tourists. Advertisement Since, Tuesday (18/2) yesterday, the place has not operated to serve diving activities because it was also affected by the black oil attack. "Today the black oil in the sea has begun to decrease, but there are still sticks to the kelong wood. But the guests don't have a problem, all of them still want to dive, even though I have explained from the beginning," said Karno. According to Karno, at least five guests visit Bintan Nemo a day for diving, and on average they come from abroad. The price of snorkeling for foreign guests is IDR 300,000 per person. Meanwhile, domestic guests are IDR 200,000 per person. "It's already a package with boat rental as well as snorkeling equipment, documentation, mineral water and also tips for snorkeling instructions as well as buoys," said Karno. #snorkling #familyvacation #familytravel #coupletrip
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