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Shangjiabang is located in the southeast of the city of Changshu in Jiangsu province and about an hour drive from Suzhou city. A new elevated highway from Suzhou to Changsu is under construction and expected to be opened in October that will reduce time to 30 minutes. I did some research online about this place and found an interesting anecdote. Shajiabang was part of the guerrilla base, where the local resistance force Jiangkang (Jiangnan Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army), subsequently incorporated into the New Fourth Army, fought against the Japanese Invaders in the intricate waterways of the area. In 1939 more than thirty wounded and sick Jiangkang soldiers led by Commissar Guo Jianguang could not move on with their troops. They stayed in the area of Shajiabang and were hiding from the Japanese and Nationalist troops near Shajiabang. Sister A Qing was an underground agent of the CCP who used to run a local tea shop as cover. With the help of local residents and her own intelligence, she managed to protect the wounded soldiers from the Japanese invaders and Commander Hu and Advisor Diao of the Nationalist forces. Commissar Guo and his soldiers survived all adversities and returned to Shajiabang to wipe out the enemy.  Apart from the historical aspect, you can also enjoy this place for it's wide range of natural elegance including forest, lake, bridges and canals. You will also find local village and street, locally made rice wine and many recreational activities. For a day long family tour, I would highly recommend this place. #shajiabang #wetland #forestpark #historyofchina
Yolanda Weng
Jiangnan Water Town "Suzhou" Summer Net Red Breakfast Suzhou Changshu This summer, the most beautiful time, is twice the Changshu Shajiabang, in the deep At the Luhua Bay Resort Hotel, I was fortunate to have had a leisurely vacation in front of the flower garden. "Holly" you meet, this summer is unforgettable. , the lotus is overflowing, when it is opened, it is white, and the wind passes through the lotus pond. A dark green "wave" makes people refreshed. Dazzling in January, when the rainy summer heats alternately, the sunny morning, the lotus pond is foggy. Although the lotus has been shy, but the boat is deep, but can eat sweet lotus seeds. , while watching the sun through the clouds, smelling the lotus leaf aroma, eating the lotus leaf wrapped "Huoxiang meal breakfast", is also very beautiful and very comfortable! Breakfast must be booked in advance, the price is based on the number of people dining, and the place to eat is in the room reservation center and the Literature Hall. The breakfast is mainly based on Suzhou farmhouse, Jiugong tableware, coarse grains, milk, eggs, staple food, fruit and so on. The lotus leaf is newly taken for breakfast. If the lotus seed is fresh, you can pick two and taste it. If it rains, the reserved meal will be transferred to the hotel service center. Breakfast is not sold separately and is not accepted for the day! The price is 200 yuan / share, specifically consult the hotel. In addition, with the dining room, dinner reservations are accepted and the price is available for further inquiry. refers to the addition of the two swimming pools for adults and children in the Luhua Bay Hotel in Jiangnan. In the hot summer, guests are exclusive, no need to go to the pool to make dumplings. Lying by the pool, watching the clouds and clouds, very comfortable. There will be fireflies on the side of the pool at night~ Best photo location: stacking table, wall blue tile window, under the stack, aerial photography, overhead shooting, best shooting time: between 7 and 8 in summer . Shooting props: fresh lotus, lotus, (not open flowers), cheongsam, costume, oil painting umbrella, group fan. Also suitable for early morning yoga Hulu Huawan Resort Hotel, room type and distribution is special, distributed around the lotus pond, close to the scenic area near the Yokohama Theater. There are two-storey single-family homes and there are also Soviet-style multi-room villas. Prices range from 500 to 4000. Some room types include scenic spot tickets, check-in and departures! Value for money, very suitable for family and family travel, friends and relatives and colleagues to stay.
Shajiabang Scenic Area