The legendary Eye of the Earth

In Europe, there is a country, it faces Italy across the sea and was once selected as the best European tourist destination by Lonely Planet! This is Croatia When you first hear this name because it is the birthplace of Marco Polo Because it is the hometown of the famous musician Maxim, Or because of the 'Croatian Rhapsody' written by this musician for his country Or because of the mysterious 'Eye of the Earth' Or because it is the filming location of King's Landing in 'Game of Thrones' Here, you can see this blue-green Eye of the Earth, like an eye embedded in the ground, deep and mysterious This is actually a lake, the source of the Cetina River, with a depth of 150 meters Here, you can enjoy the romantic sea to your heart's content! It is located on the Balkan Peninsula, facing Italy across the Adriatic Sea with a coastline of 1778 kilometers and more than 1000 islands Let the Croatians realize the ultimate dream of 'facing the sea, spring blossoms' from birth! Hvar Island: One of the top ten most beautiful islands in the world Bisevo Island: Full of blue hole mysteries Here, you can stroll through the old streets of the ancient city! In addition to the sea, Croatia also has countless ancient cities! The red tiles shining in the sun, the quadrangle of the monastery, the spire of the church bell tower, the ancient city wall full of history... The capital of Croatia, Zagreb: There are Gothic ancient buildings, world-famous Museum of Broken Relationships, and streets full of art, music, and cafes Dubrovnik Old Town: King's Landing in 'Game of Thrones', strolling in the city, Gothic, Baroque and other architectural palaces, dazzling Rovinj: The blue pearl of the Adriatic Sea, various cultures blend in this city, every street and every building seems to have a moving story Zadar: Rated by Lonely Planet as the most underestimated tourist city, beautiful coastline, and ancient history are its charm Croatia is not wealthy, but life is really leisurely Croatians like to drink coffee on the street when they are free In the bright sunshine, men, women, old and young wear sunglasses, sit outside the coffee shop, look at the sea and chat
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Posted: Dec 29, 2023
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