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It's not that Norway is unaffordable, but Xiling Snow Mountain offers better value for money when it comes to snow viewing

❄️❄️ I've finally waited for it to snow around Chengdu! The snow country dream of southerners is realized this time at Xiling Snow Mountain! 🚩「Xiling Snow Mountain」 ▫️Address: Middle section of Qionglai Mountain Range, Xiling Town, Dayi County, Chengdu City ▫️Transportation: 2h self-driving from Chengdu|Bus from Chadianzi Passenger Station 👉🏻Recommended attractions in the scenic area: ✔️ Take the cable car to see the snow scenery🚡 The cable car (ropeway) of Xiling Snow Mountain is divided into 2 sections: ▪️Transportation cable car (Jiayingchi Ropeway), from the foot of the mountain to halfway up the mountain, enjoy the red leaves in autumn and snow in winter, romantic! ▪️It is a sightseeing cable car (Riyueping Ropeway), from Yingsnow Lake to the top of the mountain, passing through a time and space tunnel-like thrill and mystery! The snow scenery is very beautiful! ✔️Watch the sunrise and sea of clouds at Riyueping|Enjoy the snow🌄 ▪️Enjoy the first snow: Watch the snowflakes and red leaves 🍁 shine together from the top of the mountain, colorful, autumn and winter scroll, too beautiful! ▪️Watch the sunrise & sunset: Get up early to climb the mountain to watch the sunrise, walk through the snow-covered plank road, and wait for a sea of clouds sunrise. Or at sunset, the afterglow of the setting sun is sprinkled on the European-style cottages, so romantic! ▪️Watch the sea of clouds: Don't miss the sea of clouds on the snow mountain, it's a tacit understanding on the viewing platform, as if you are in the ethereal Penglai fairyland~ ▪️Lights of thousands of households: On a clear evening, looking at the lights of thousands of households in the snow mountain town, it's more beautiful than abroad! ✔️Watch the natural wonder of "Yin and Yang Two Heavens"☁️ On sunny days, the slope ridge here is sunny, blue sky and white clouds, and the cliff on the other side is steaming with clouds and mist, forming a sharp contrast! ✔️Skiing⛷️ The joy of ice and snow for southerners is satisfied at Xiling Snow Mountain! Different speed snow trails are available for everyone to choose, and there are also snowmobiles, snow space cars, snow flyers and other projects for children and adults to play, very happy. Weekday skiing package 328rmb/person, including tickets, transportation, round-trip cable car. ⏩️Tips : 🍜The scenic area/mountain accommodation and catering are well-equipped, you can also choose a 2-day 1-night weekend trip, rich and frugal by people~ ☁️The temperature difference between day and night on the mountain is large, pay attention to cold protection and warmth~ 🍃Have a pleasant journey~
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Posted: Jan 23, 2024
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