If you want to see snow in winter in Chengdu, come to Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area!!!

Xiling Snow Mountain🏔🏔 is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, 55 kilometers away from the county seat, with a total area of 375 square kilometers. It is a world natural heritage, a habitat for giant pandas🐼🐼, a AAAA level tourist attraction, and a national key scenic spot. The altitude of Xiling Snow Mountain is 5353 meters🚩🚩, and the best snow viewing period❄️❄️ is from the end of November to the end of March each year. Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort (Grass Skiing Resort), also known as the back mountain of Xiling Snow Mountain, is located at the east gate of Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area. The snow accumulates from December to March of the following year, with a total snowfall🏔🏔 of about four months. The ski resort is flat and sloping, a typical high mountain plateau, suitable for skiing🎿🎿. Because it is close to the latitude of the Alps, it is known as the "Oriental Alps". It is the largest and most complete high mountain ski resort⛷⛷ in southern China. There is also a 2500-meter-long box-type sightseeing cable car🚠🚡 in the ski resort, which can carry passengers to the top of Riyueping Mountain to view the whole scenic area. Tourist Experience The whole process of skiing🎿🎿, snow flying🏂🏂 is thrilling and super fun; archery🏹🏹, rainbow slide, off-road vehicle, snowmobile🚴🏻🚴🏻 are all screaming, let go of yourself. Warm reminder: Prepare warm clothes🧥🧤🧢🧦👢🕶. Special Snacks Local special food, the main ingredients are elbow🍖🍖, pepper powder🍾🍾, onion ginger garlic, salt🍾🍾. The characteristic is that the color is jujube red. The food includes Xiling five-spice tofu🍧🍧, Shuangliu rabbit head🐇🐇, Dan Dan noodles🍜🍜, Mapo tofu🍲🍲, etc. Transportation Self-driving🚘🚘: The whole journey from Chengdu to Xiling Snow Mountain is 140 kilometers, the toll💰💰 is about 35 yuan, and the time⏱⏱ is 2.5 hours. Public transportation🚌🚌: Get on the bus at Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station, the time⏱⏱ is 2.5 hours, arrive at Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area, 💰💰 the fare is 38 yuan.
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Posted: Feb 2, 2024
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