【Chengdu 1 hour】Natural oxygen bar, so beautiful!

🌲【Chengdu 1 hour】Natural oxygen bar, so beautiful!✨ Recently, the smog in Chengdu is really unbearable, take advantage of the good weather to go to this place to wash your lungs! Starting from the west gate of Chengdu, it only takes one hour to reach the destination. The route is as follows: 📍Step one: Navigate to Dayi Chuanwang Palace. There is a small parking lot outside the Chuanwang Palace, free parking. This palace was built during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty to commemorate Li Bing. It is now a temple of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, and it is also a national key cultural relics protection unit. 📍Step two: After visiting the Chuanwang Palace, walk forward for five or six hundred meters to reach the Buddha Rock. From the stone steps next to the main road, you will see a temple built against the mountain. Although the temple is not large, it is very clean. The temple faces the lake, and you will feel a breeze when you enter, and there are solid wood fences for tourists to rest. 📍Step three: Return to the highway from Buddha Rock, opposite is a red stone step. Walk along the stone steps for about ten minutes to reach the Thousand Hands Guanyin Hall. There is a red bean tree full of red fruits. Continue to go up, you will come to a large platform outside the Medicine Buddha Hall, from here you can overlook the entire reservoir, a pool of green water is as beautiful as a green gem embedded in the mountain. 📍Step four: Have lunch in Xinchang Ancient Town, the representative food is Dayi Intestine Blood Hot Pot. The lunch time in Xinchang Ancient Town can be decided according to your own itinerary. If you get up late, go to Chuanwang Palace first and then go to Xinchang for lunch; if you leave early, visit the attractions first and then go to Xinchang for lunch. The round trip route will pass through Xinchang Ancient Town. Route navigation📍: Chuanwang Palace Tour route: Chuanwang Palace → Buddha Rock → Guanyin Hall, Medicine Buddha Hall → Dahongyan Suspension Bridge → Xinchang Ancient Town Tickets🎫: All the attractions are free Food and drink: A few kilometers away is Xinchang Ancient Town, where the intestine blood hot pot is very delicious. The trick to choosing a restaurant is that the place with many people usually tastes very good😁🤣 You can enjoy the fresh air of nature! Hurry up and set off!🌲
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Posted: Feb 3, 2024
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