Cross over to the Turkish Fengye Luxury Hotel

Cross over to the Turkish Fengye Luxury Hotel The unique rammed earth structure in western Sichuan, the handmade ceramic artworks everywhere, and the red bricks, I really fell in love at first sight! It feels like you can take a picture of exotic style in the lobby of the homestay. If you don't bring a skirt out, you have to take two pictures Travel alone. Sleep of the earth Shaqu Street, Dayi County, Chengdu (about 1.5h from Chengdu city center) Hotel characteristic homestay architecture The homestay architecture looks like a pair of wise eyes. It is said that the design idea comes from the local rice planting culture, which is actually the shape of a grain of rice Environment: The hotel is in a rice field, the scenery is very beautiful, and the guest room has a small courtyard. The courtyard is surrounded by a small river in the hotel. Facilities: There is a restaurant. Chinese food, breakfast is also very rich. The appetizing trotters in Chinese food are delicious. I ate most of the trotters and praised them. Service: The waiter is very considerate, and also sent snacks and milk at night, and the room package also sent a wish card and afternoon tea. Facilities: The hair dryer used in the guest room is Dyson. The sound is all Marshall. High-end atmosphere. The hotel also has a swimming pool. The overall experience is very good, recommend recommend.
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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