Escape the city life and experience the beauty of tranquility at Huashui Bay Wyndham

The city's hustle and bustle is wrinkled by the breeze‼️ Wyndham Garden joins forces with Huashui Bay's First Village Hot Spring to start a new chapter of hot spring vacation. ✅Under the Western Ridge, between the mountains and rivers, go for a leisurely holiday appointment. A quiet place hidden in the forest🎋, privately enjoy a world away from the world in the lush greenery, take a deep breath, feel purified from the inside out in the verdant nature, feel the peace and tranquility of nature. 🏩Hotel: Huashui Bay First Village Wyndham Garden Hotel 📍Detailed address: No. 138, Huashui Bay Hot Spring Town, Dayi, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Located at the foot of Xiling Snow Mountain, it takes 15h to get there from Chengdu. ♨️Forest Hot Spring Natural ancient seawater hot spring, 'Tangshan Hot Spring' with its own spring eye, has multiple health pools soaked with precious Chinese medicine. Innovative forms of hot springs such as the sky hot spring pool and waterfall hot spring pool, unique overhead water landscape glass hot spring pool. Rich in beneficial trace elements such as silicic acid, lithium, manganese, etc., a good place for natural health preservation. 🤽🏻Water Park 🦩Flamingo, little wooden horse🎠 and other pool toys are full of ins style. There are also many exciting pool slides🛝 and so on... 🌄KTV🎙Chess and card room🎲Indoor children's playground🍵Tea house/Health center🏋🏻Gym Surrounding strategy Xiling Snow Mountain 'The window contains the thousand-year-old snow of the Western Ridge, and the door is moored with the ten thousand-mile ship of Dongwu.' Every Chengdu person with a 'snow love plot' should go to Xiling Snow Mountain once, temporarily away from this bizarre world, to live a life of flowing clouds and flowing water, free from dust. Heming Mountain The birthplace of Taoism, maintaining the old and orderly tradition, before eating, the layman knocks on the cloud board, after the silence, the Taoist priests will lock the hall and stay away from the hustle and bustle to feel the natural tranquility, witness the piety and simplicity of faith, here is still the place where the monks of this era practice. Anren Ancient Town Built in the third year of Tang Wude, it has a history of a thousand years. Watch an authentic mansion hall meeting, taste a cup of covered bowl tea, experience oil-paper umbrella, bamboo weaving, touch the intangible cultural heritage, perceive the charm of culture. In the long alleys of the ancient streets, food shops are lined up one after another, preparing for a feast.
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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