I've been all over Chengdu, and in my personal opinion, the plum forest here is the most beautiful

🌟 Explore the secret plum forest around Chengdu, encounter the beauty of winter.🌸 🏞️ Wandering through the streets and alleys of Chengdu, just to find the most beautiful plum forest. Don't just limit yourself to the crowded Tianche Slope and Daping Mountain, I will reveal to you a free plum forest that blooms earliest in 2024, so you can stand out in your circle of friends! 🌺 Walking in this valley surrounded by plum blossoms, it's like being in a pink and white ocean. There are distant mountains, snow, plum forests, dirt roads, fields, with rich three-dimensional layers, as beautiful as a painting. 🌸 The plum blossoms here are mainly bright red petals, which have a different flavor compared to the white plum blossoms of Daping Village. Looking far away, the ancient town of Xieyuan is faintly visible, as if you are in a fairyland. 🍃 This place is rarely visited by people, without tourists disturbing, listen to your own breathing in the forest, enjoy a quiet moment. But remember, don't go deep into the forest between the slopes to avoid getting lost, and please take away all the garbage to protect this beautiful natural scenery. 📆 It is currently in full bloom and is expected to last until mid-to-late February. If you want to easily contract a plum forest for taking pictures and playing, don't miss this fairy viewing plum place! 🔍 Navigation: Chengdu Dayi. Fengshan Flower Sea 🚗 No tickets, no parking fees 📷 Shooting time: Late January 2024 📝 Note: The blooming time of plum blossoms varies each year, usually around February and March, and it's earlier this year. There are farmhouses on the mountain, no supermarkets, you need to bring your own drinking water. 🏞️ Hiking guide: 1️⃣ Route A: Navigate to the village committee of Gaoba Village, turn left 400 meters after parking and crossing the bridge, turn right when you see the "Fengshan Flower Sea" sign, walk about 1 hour to reach the core area, and return the same way after about 2 hours of playing in the plum forest. 2️⃣ Route B: Navigate to Dayi (Xiling Fengshan Flower Sea, Sichuan), walk down the downhill ramp 800 meters after parking to reach the core area, and play in the plum forest. 🗺️ Matched play: It's a 20-minute drive from Flower Water Bay and a 45-minute drive from Xiling Snow Mountain. You can design a two-day tour: Fengshan Flower Sea to enjoy the plum blossoms → Stay in Flower Water Bay to soak in the hot springs → Xiling Snow Mountain to ski, enjoy a fulfilling and beautiful weekend!
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 10, 2024
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