A trip to the heavy snow of Xiling Snow Mountain

A trip to the heavy snow of Xiling Snow Mountain/It is said that wishes made in the snow will definitely come true. Sisters! In this winter, you must go to Xiling Snow Mountain to encounter the first snow. Snow! A MV about winter, listen to the sound of snowflakes falling. I recommend going to Xiling Snow Mountain in Chengdu! A place where you can see beautiful snow scenes in the south! Transportation 1. Depart from downtown Chengdu and arrive directly at the parking lot in 1.5 hours 2. There are direct buses to Xiling Snow Mountain at the Chadianzi Passenger Station Recommended play: 1. Take the first cable car (transport cable car) from the entrance of the scenic area to reach the waist of the mountain, then take the No. 8 bus to reach the Yingxue Square, where there are skiing projects, accommodation and restaurants. 2. You can take the second cable car (sightseeing cable car) from Yingxue Square to reach the top of the mountain - Riyueping; 3. There is a hiking route from Riyueping to Yin and Yang, which takes about 1 hour, and the scenery along the way is very good. The rime here is super beautiful! You can take beautiful check-in photos! Warm reminder: The altitude here is very high, the temperature difference is very large, and it is especially cold in the morning and evening! Be sure to bring down jackets, thermal underwear, hats, scarves and thick shoes and other warm items. Pay attention to keeping warm! Small suggestion: The hotel in the waist of the mountain Yingxue Square can be booked on the app. If you don't watch the sunrise, you can stay in the hot spring hotel on the side of Huashui Bay, and it is very comfortable to soak in the hot spring at night. You can also try skiing projects. It's surprising and exciting Every snowflake is a letter from winter, maybe this winter is more worth looking forward to? New story winter and you. If you also want to encounter a new story, then come to Xiling Snow Mountain for a trip to the first snow!
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 10, 2024
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