Around Chengdu|The small western-style building under the snow mountain~Living in 'Blooming'~

|The small western-style building under the snow mountain~Living in 'Blooming'~. Around Chengdu|The small western-style building under the snow mountain~Living in 'Blooming'~. Every winter, I want to take my family to play in the snow, and Xiling Snow Mountain is a place we go every year~ But driving back and forth from Chengdu on the same day is really tiring~ So every time we would stay in the ancient town for one night to rest! This time I found a newly opened guesthouse in the ancient town at the foot of Xiling Snow Mountain The small western-style building with a Republic of China style, a bit like the popular drama 'Blooming' The retro style of black and white, coupled with the exterior red brick wall design, is a combination of classic and modern fashion. The lighting at night is just right and it looks really mysterious from a distance! It makes me feel like I've traveled to the drama~ The rooms, the lobby, and even the public stairs are very design-oriented Each room has floor heating, so it's not cold even at the foot of the snow mountain. The combination of smart home and retro tone is a great experience! In addition to the guest rooms, there is also a coffee shop and a bar on the first floor. Sitting by the river while enjoying the scenery and drinking coffee is really relaxing and comfortable~ The breakfast is a Chinese-style nine-square snack, each snack can have a little, nutritious and can satisfy the taste buds! And the guesthouse is right next to the parking lot of the ancient town, which is very convenient You can also go for a walk in the ancient town at night~ As soon as it gets dark, the lights of the ancient town light up. Rows of new Chinese-style buildings, hanging a lot of small lanterns, look like they are in an animation You can also eat some special snacks, which is really nice! If you see · Xi boutique guesthouse
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Posted: Feb 12, 2024
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