Chengdu_Dayi‖One-day tour guide

Explore the millennium grottoes||🌈One-day tour around Chengdu Dayi ✔️Light hiking route, 1.5 hours of hiking in Yaoshiyan ✔️There is a green river along the water resource protection area ✔️🉑️Fishing🎣Saw many fishing friends along the way 💚Navigate to "Yaoshiyan Parking Lot", you can drive directly, it takes 1.5~2 hours to depart from Chengdu. The road conditions along the way are good, only the last bit of gravel road, cars can also pass without pressure. There is a bridge at the destination, and cars can be parked on both sides of the bridge. It is recommended to park after crossing the bridge to be closer to the entrance, 10 yuan per vehicle. 💙Yaoshiyan and Hupaquan are two attractions, only to Yaoshiyan, normal walking 30 minutes, the mountain road is always stone steps uphill, not very friendly to the elderly and children, or knee pain, generally adults can go up. ✅There are 2 entrances to the mountain: 1⃣️Go up the mountain from the entrance directly opposite the big bridge, go up is first to Hupaquan, and then to Yaoshiyan, the distance is longer, suitable for hikers🚶 2⃣️Go up the mountain from the entrance a few hundred meters to the right of the big bridge (next to the farmhouse), this entrance can directly reach Yaoshiyan, a 30-minute walk is shorter, and then walk 1.5 kilometers to Hupaquan, there are many villagers selling fruits and vegetables along the way, At noon, there is a vegetarian meal on the mountain at Yaoshiyan, 15 yuan/person, with vegetarian dishes and tofu, you need to wash your own dishes after eating🥣 ✅Itinerary planning: Recommend a one-day tour, there are not many people here and it is relatively niche! On the way to Yaoshiyan, you will pass a reservoir, the green lake, which is very similar to the small Jiuzhaigou, and you can also check in at Xinchang Ancient Town, Chuanwang Palace, Yuantong Temple and other attractions, fully experience the local humanities and natural scenery
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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