Oh my god, there is a hidden sea of plum blossoms in Chengdu, too stunning|

|.My god, I saw snow without leaving Chengdu! And I also saw plum blossoms in the snow, I can hardly believe it! If it's a sunny day, the mountains are full of blooming plum blossoms, it's really a small 'Linzhi'. We didn't go down the mountain until after 5 pm, and it started to snow again, it has been snowing on the top of the mountain these nights I will share my travel guide for your reference! . 📍【About the location】 Dayi Daping Mountain or Heming Mountain in Chengdu . 🍃【Travel mode】 ①Hiking to see flowers: Navigate to 'Heming Mountain Taoist Temple', free parking. ②Driving to see flowers: Navigate to 'Wushan Shilin Farmhouse', close to the top of the mountain, you can park for free here. . 🚶🏽【About the road condition】 ①Hiking: Most of the road is muddy mountain path, the road is easy to walk, about 2-3 hours of hiking. ②Driving to the top: After entering the 019 country road, the uphill road in the latter half starts to narrow, steep, both off-road vehicles are good cars . 🍰【About eating】 There are many farmhouses on the mountain, with an average cost of 30-40 per person, hikers can bring their own food. . 🍃【My travel route】 Near Ronghua Farmhouse (close to the top of the mountain) ➡️ Near Shilin Farmhouse ➡️ Near Juxiange Farmhouse ➡️ Meili Daping Forest Park ➡️ Down the mountain, play all the way from the top of the mountain to the bottom. 1️⃣Near Ronghua Farmhouse There is a plum forest here, with more than 10 trees together, the plum blossoms have all bloomed. Especially if you go early, the snow falls on the plum blossoms, it's absolutely beautiful! . 2️⃣Shilin Farmhouse It's just a few minutes' walk from the last plum forest. The slope here is particularly steep, there is a big S bend, there was a moment when I thought I had arrived in Linzhi, only part of the plum blossoms had bloomed. . 3️⃣Juxiange Farmhouse 2-3 kilometers away from Shilin Farmhouse, it is a large plum forest, there is a Juxiange campsite, surrounded by bamboo fences. The plum blossoms on both sides of the road have bloomed, walk into the plum forest, any shot looks good. . 📸【Recommend some check-in points】 1️⃣The plum forest in the field opposite Ronghua Farmhouse, the snow-pressed plum blossoms were taken here. P5、P7 2️⃣There is an S bend near Shilin Farmhouse (Meili Daping Station), it looks super good. P9 3️⃣Juxiange Farmhouse, a large plum forest, super photogenic. P1 . 📝【Some tips】 ①The plum blossoms on the top of the mountain bloom the best, the car can drive to the top. ②There are many free parking lots on the mountain, you can find a suitable place to park.
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Posted: Feb 15, 2024
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