Foshan DeLai Hotel with rare high-rise pool restaurant

Foshan, Huizhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and other regions are places that like to hide their strength. Foshan had a luxury hotel, Foshan Hotel, which later became Foshan Crowne Plaza Hotel, in the early 1980s. For almost 30 years since then, basically no new five-star hotels have been built. It wasn't until before 2010 that the urban construction in the city stayed at a slow pace. Overall, the development was relatively slow. But around 2010, a large number of hotels and shopping malls were built successively from the downtown area to the county below. For example, in Shunde District, there are Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Pullman Hotel, and Wyndham Hotel, in Nanhai District, there are Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and InterContinental Hotel, and in Gaoming District, there is Wyndham Grand Hotel. Of course, there are also Swissotel and Hilton Hotel in the downtown area. The entire city has undergone great changes. Actually, in the first 30 years, it mainly relied on industrial development and overseas trade to accumulate funds. From 2009 to 2023, it is the leap stage of hotel industry development. In the past few years, there has been a small pause in the development of the high-end hotel industry. However, by this year, 2023, it is said that the Marriott Hotel in Foshan and the Huamei Da Anke Hotel in the city have been built, and there will be a Wyndham Grand Hotel in Shishan, Nanhai. The Pengrui Group in Shenzhen claims that they will build a Langham Hotel near Chen Village in Shunde. It should be noted that there is currently no Langham Hotel in Guangzhou. If a Langham Hotel is built near Foshan, not far from the Florence Outlets luxury shopping town in Panyu, Guangzhou, many people from Guangzhou are expected to come for tourism. Actually, just a few years ago, a high-end hotel opened quietly in Foshan. Judging from its facilities, it has reached the level of a four-star hotel at least. It is the Deli Hotel, located not far from the Lakeview Hotel across from the Yayi Park. Not to mention people from Guangzhou, many people from Foshan may not even know about it. There are over 130 guest rooms, with at least 13 floors, because the new subway station is not far from downstairs, and facing the Asia Art Park. The hotel's charges often reach the level of a five-star hotel, with each room costing over 500 yuan per night, and the cheapest may cost over 400 yuan. In the hotel building, there are also famous chain restaurants in Foshan, such as Liyuanmen and large Japanese restaurants like Shenglongdao. There are also high-end clothing stores nearby, such as Qipao shops. The hotel's advertising is also in cooperation with famous domestic liquor merchants "Bai Nian Hutu" and Foshan's famous building materials market "China Ceramic City". They also have a special exhibition of signatures from actors of Hong Kong film companies and TV stations. Its level and positioning are much higher than the neighboring lake-view hotel. Indeed, the surrounding area is also home to residential communities developed by famous developers such as Agile, Poly, Huiyin, Hengfu, Longguang, Lixun, Greenland, China Merchants, Hongxiang, Zhonghai, Rose Garden, Hongcheng, and Jiuding. Although the essence of China's real estate enterprises is the same, the residential communities here are indeed quite beautiful. The lobby of this hotel is spacious, but not particularly spectacular. However, when you get to the hotel elevator, you will find that the exterior of the elevator is quite distinctive, giving people an elegant appearance. The ceilings of the elevator and the floors are decorated with a lot of beautiful glass craftsmanship. Everyone can tell from the elevator handrails that the design is very attentive. Go up to the 13th floor of the hotel, and the restaurant decorated with wine bottles on the outer corridor gives a pretty good first impression. I came here for a buffet breakfast not long ago. The fee is close to 90 yuan per person. The dining mats inside are also the kind used only in five-star hotels. The restaurant is not small, and the decoration is also good, but the most unique feature is the so-called "sky pool" outside the restaurant. The hotel also has a high-altitude swimming pool, which should be on the top floor. The pool here is for viewing purposes, and there is a small pavilion inside where up to ten tables can be set up for banquets. That is to say, the restaurant serves meals indoors on rainy days. However, when the weather is good, you can also dine by the outdoor pool while enjoying the surrounding scenery. This aerial water view is also very beautiful. Although it doesn't have the formal title of a four-star or five-star hotel, as one of the newer members of the high-end hotel scene in Foshan, this hotel's amenities are still very impressive.
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Posted: 13 Apr 2023
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