Hakodate, Japan | Yunokawa Onsen

| Yunokawa Onsen. Located in the suburbs of Hakodate, Yunokawa Onsen is a famous hot spring resort among the top three hot spring towns in Hokkaido. It is convenient to travel here🚗, the transportation between the tourist spots is very developed, it takes about 30 minutes by car to reach Mount Hakodate, and it is only about 10 minutes drive from the center of Hakodate, so Yunokawa Onsen has always been popular. This time we chose Yunokawa for our trip to Japan, it is said that in winter you can see monkeys🐒 bathing in the hot springs~ In summer and autumn, you can see the swaying fishing lights🎣 of the local famous squid catching activity in the open-air bath and the guest rooms. The hot spring town here is not as bustling as Noboribetsu, Lake Toya and Jozankei in Sapporo, it is quiet with fewer people. You can choose to stay in the hot spring hotel here, or you can go back and forth for a bath on the same day. At present, there are 8 hot spring hotels that offer day trips for hot spring experiences, with prices ranging from 400-1230 yen, it is best to bring your own towel when you come to take a hot spring bath! After watching the monkeys bathing in the hot springs nearby, we chose a moderately priced hotel to go in for a while. Although the hotel facilities are nostalgic and simple, its large bath is facing the sea, enjoying the 100% natural hot spring while watching the waves rolling, all worries and pressures are gone in an instant! 📍Address: Hakodate, Japan · Yunokawa Onsen
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Posted: Jan 3, 2024
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