Mushroom Jun's Australia Travel Australia, Queensland There is a world where you can experience deep dive without the diver certificate, just in Hamilton, Queensland. For many divers who have money and leisure, this is really a dive paradise that should not be missed only after experiencing deep dive will you know the charm of the sea! Deep dive helped me open the password for my physical limit. When the water was pressed against the back, it was known that it was not so free to make a fish, and it began to give birth to awe of nature. First Deep Dive Tips: 1 When you go out to sea, you need to prepare a clean change of laundry and eat seasickness medicine half an hour before going out to sea. 2 Within 24 hours before and after deep dive, please try to avoid flying. 3The Great Barrier Reef in summer often has ocean currents. At this time, the seabed is poorly permeable, and travelers with shooting needs need to communicate with the locals in advance.
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
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Hamilton Island
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