adhi stwd
adhi stwd

Perth's street art is seriously cool!

If I compare the dynamic rhythm of the people in Sydney, the rhythm of the people in Perth is relatively more relaxed and the pace is slower. No wonder you can find many old buildings, art museums, jogging tracks and of course green city parks in Perth. For those who are looking for a quiet city atmosphere and away from the hustle and bustle, Perth is the perfect destination. What I want to highlight from Perth now is the street art. Perth's street art is seriously cool! When you're in Perth you're likely to stumble across a colorful mural and be captivated by some street art while walking around the alleys and laneways. Unique street art is creating inspiring laneway art to bring together local artists, residents and landowners and turning forgotten spaces into interesting places. Are you a fan of street art? You should visit Perth sometime, for sure! #summervacation#urbanexplorer
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I love the street arts. Always happy to travel to Perth every year
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