New photo spot at Yellow Crane Tower! No one walks here, no queue at all!

As a travel blogger based in Wuhan for over thirty years, I haven't checked in at various photo spots at the Yellow Crane Tower, because I've always been discouraged by the queues and crowds, and I dare not take a citywalk at the Yellow Crane Tower. This time I had a personal experience, took a less popular walk route at the Yellow Crane Tower, there was really no queue on this route, and very few people, I highly recommend it, the total distance can be finished in 20 minutes by walking. Friends who come to Wuhan for the first time can rush with confidence! 1⃣️Peng Liu Yang Road C mouth pink house There is a large lawn here so you can shoot freely, you can use different angles, and have a close interaction with the Yellow Crane Tower, this time I pushed the Yellow Crane Tower, the picture is quite funny. 2⃣️Yellow Crane Tower C mouth subway entrance and next door parking lot🅿️ The parking lot next to the red wall, the road is very good for shooting, although it is a gray wall, but you don't have to worry about people squeezing people, and get a clean picture with the Yellow Crane Tower in the same frame. 3⃣️Long Bridge North Side Stairs Friends who come to Wuhan for the first time please note, don't navigate directly to this spot, it is recommended to navigate to "Simenkou Overpass" first, then you see the direction of the Yellow Crane Tower, follow the overpass up to this position, this is the most convenient! Including the spot with the train and the Yellow Crane Tower in the same frame that everyone likes is also the way to go. This time the citywalk at the Yellow Crane Tower also brought friends to check in, and arranged for him to stay at the Anmi Hotel nearby this route, we all love the British style of the hotel, it is very convenient to go to various places in Wuhan! That's all for this share, you can comment and ask questions about this route and photo spots~ I will also share more interesting citywalk routes in Wuhan in the future~
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Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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Butnaru B
Butnaru B
We will be traveling to Wuhan în late April, for the Ballroom Dancing WDSF U21 World Championship. What are your recommendation for visiting during out 4 days stay?
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