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Montreux's spring, walking to the mountains to see Narcissus romantic jazz capital Montreux (Montreux), is an idyllic small town, known as the "Swiss Riviera". Situated on the shores of the vast Lake Geneva, between the lakes and mountains, there are churches and small houses. The surface of the city of Xiyong is the business card of Montreux. In the early summer of the year, in the Montreux mountains of Switzerland, the red daffodils will suddenly open on the hillsides. They quickly open on both sides of the train track and open the ski resorts that are closed. A heavy snow, dyed the mountains into white, they are like the mission of replacing the heavy snow, with vigorous white, with dazzling light, officially bid farewell to the winter. A few centuries ago, at the turn of the spring and summer, the opening of the wild daffodils was once a prosperous age. Like people who are keen to go to the Netherlands to see tulips in May, and to see lavender in Provence in July. Before the First World War, every year in June, a large number of people would come here to see the daffodils. The Narcissus Festival is lively and extraordinary, and the grandeur is unprecedented. The symphony orchestra plays the music, the ballet opera group takes turns, and the parade floats shuttle in the city... After 1957, due to natural and artificial factors, the wild daffodils are getting less and less, the daffodils The flower festival is closed. Until recently, the daffodil festival has come back. The Swiss Daffodil Protection Association has launched different daffodil walking themes. The train company has also adjusted the route for the daffodil festival. Each hiker is required to protect the daffodils while also allowing the picking of small bundles. The narcissus is taken away. As if it was re-emerged yesterday, people took the hand of a lover, took the child, went to the depths of the mountains, came for the daffodils everywhere, for an ancient festival.
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Swiss small tourist destination | Lavaux vineyard terraces at the foot of the snowy mountains Switzerland travel favorite place is actually the Lavaux vineyard terraces on the outskirts of Vevey, although there have been many terraced views, but the grapes The garden terraces are still the first time to see, and there are indeed many surprises. Take the train, the train goes along the lake, the lake is crystal clear, crosses the hills and cascades, we break into this paradise. This is a very ordinary place. There seems to be no special point in the ordinary, but it makes people feel comfortable, just like this quiet lake. The town of Vevey is surrounded by vast lakes and mountains, plus a pleasant and humid climate. The annual sunshine is abundant and the rainfall is sufficient. This is also the place where grapes grow, Lavaux terraces. It also came into being; standing in the terraces, overlooking the Alps, connected to the lake, breathing the fragrant air of the grapes, and the exhaustion of the body also quietly faded. Along the path in the terraced fields, large rows of grape terraces are displayed in front of our eyes, well-preserved villages are embedded in it, scattered in terraces, sparkling lakes, towering Alps Snowy mountains, the grapes planted in the mountains and plains, take a deep breath, full of grapes, and the time seems to be still at this moment. We walked along the terraced road for twenty minutes to a winery along the lake. The kindly and sly owner gave us a bottle of white wine made by ourselves, accompanied by fresh cheese, while enjoying the food and wine, while enjoying the beauty of the lake, you can also take beautiful photos. The more I like this peaceful town. It is worth reminding that the wines produced in Switzerland are not exported. It is definitely not available in China, so when you travel to Switzerland, remember to taste the local wines~ Address: Lavaux Vineyards in Vaud, southwestern Switzerland How to go: Hiking: If time is abundant and not afraid of mountain roads, it is recommended to experience the St-Saphorin-Lutry route, 11 km in length, complete the journey It takes about 3 and a half hours to visit traditional Swiss wineries and taste local wines along the way. Lawater Express: It is a local rubber wheel sightseeing train. If you don't want to walk or have limited time, you can also take the Lavut Express for about 1 to 2 hours. You can explore the vineyard area by car, and some routes can visit the wine cellar and enjoy local wines for free. Tickets: Free
Riviera-Pays-d'Enhaut District,Recommendations
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