Trip Moments

Menghuo Castle
Around Chengdu, the white spot is super beautiful. Mengcheng City Mengcheng City: It is located in Liziping Township, Shimian County, Ya'an City. It takes about 4 hours to drive from Chengdu. It is the Yaxi Expressway. Highways formed by viaducts and caves are natural, and tolls are particularly expensive. Climate: Mengchengcheng is the land of Zhuge Liangqiu in the Three Kingdoms Period. The elevation of 2,600 meters is just right. It will not be high and will be cool in early summer, but pay attention to the temperature difference between morning and evening, thick clothes will bring. What to play: Mengcheng City has an alpine ecological meadow. The sightseeing car is 2 km away and is a beacon tower in the Three Kingdoms period. It has always been uninterested in new things and went straight back. You will pass by the sightseeing car and pass by the Red Rock Beach. However, because the small door is closed, you have not yet opened it. You will go straight to the alpine meadow. There is a mangrove tree in the neck. The legend is the god tree that helps Meng. Green leaves have grown in May. Going forward, it is a forest like Twilight, which is perfect for taking pictures. How to get there: I am a direct travel group. I am sending a group every week on the 24th and 6th. I have a good salary of 300 yuan. I also give you plenty of free time to take pictures. Note: 1. Hats, sunscreens, and sunglasses are needed. Sunscreen must be done. 2. In addition to sun protection, it is necessary to prevent cold, so thick coats must be brought. 3. Special reminder, white, yellow, red, three colors in Mengcheng City shooting should be the most dazzling color.
Huanghuaqiu dance village picture - Sichuan West Small Loop Line 3 Plum, apricot and sea otter will make people feel the warmth of spring, then the most grounded golden flower sea is against the blue sky and white clouds It is the most spectacular scenery of the waltz of "Spring Sound", which is combined with the peach, red, green and green mountain waters. Appreciate the spring rapeseed is a must-see. Located in the pioneering Tibetan township of Shimian County in the dry-hot valley, the winter precipitation is rare, the sunshine is sufficient, and the temperature is relatively high. Chengdu people can see the golden flower sea before and after the Spring Festival. . The Pioneer Tibetan Township was given the title of "Tusi" by the local Tibetan head of the Qing Dynasty, Wang Yingyuan, in conjunction with the Qing army to annihilate the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom's Wang Shida. After the 5/12 earthquake here, the largest resettlement site for post-disaster reconstruction in Ya'an was built, and a Tibetan-style resettlement site with ethnic characteristics (Tibetan-Hanhan co-habitation) was built. Walking along the pine forest lake under the yellow flowers, the farmhouses are patchwork, with strong national characteristics and humanistic atmosphere. After the house, the willows have taken out the shoots, the citrus is heavily covered with branches, and the smoke is smoked. The old lady of the Yi nationality smiled and smiled, and a picture of a fresh and pleasant farmhouse.
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