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Bagan Nan Myint TowerNearby City

Bagan Nan Myint Tower

4.1/540 Reviews
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"Ancient Pagoda"
"Observation Deck"
Ranked #8 in Bagan Can't Miss Attractions
151.4km from Mandalay ·
"⛰[Attraction Guide] Detailed address: On the east horizon of Bagan, there is a modern high-rise building that is very inconsistent with the surroundings. This is the Nann Myint Tower. Locals know that you can take a taxi. The famous Aureum Palace is next to it. Hotel & Resort Bagan (Bakan Alem Palace Resort) Opening hours: After four o'clock in the morning, you can wait for sunrise, and open until the end of the evening restaurant Ticket price: I take the hot air balloon for free. If I live at the Alem Palace Resort Hotel, the ticket is discounted in half. If the full price ticket is like twelve thousand coins Highlights: It is the tallest building on the Bagan Plain. There are many people watching the sunrise or sunset every day. There are people all over the world. The eighth floor is a restaurant where you can eat and watch the sunset. The ninth floor is a closed The lobby, the tenth floor is an open platform, and there is a bar at night. This should be the most crowded and lively place. If you take a hot air balloon in the morning, the hot air balloon’s sunrise will be more beautiful, otherwise it is also a good choice to come here to watch the sunrise. Of course, the sunset is also beautiful, and many tourists go back to climb some wild towers. Of course, the management is relatively strict now. Climbing on historical sites is prohibited. Small Tips: From top to bottom, you can see hundreds of stupas, dotted on the loess plain, and you can also see the Irrawaddy River and the Alem Palace Resort Hotel, surrounded by green trees and the surrounding loess Set off, like an oasis. If you look from the bottom up, many people say that this building is too modern and destroys Pu Nu's overall environment. Actually, it may not be necessary. There are many places to look at the pagoda, but here is just another way to look at it."