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9 big drifting spots in summer, where to cool down! Immediate summer is the time to prepare some water projects, relax with the help of water droplets~ Recommend 8 unique drifting resorts, cool a summer ba [pre-preparation] 1. Bring a few more clothes! Not wet, not possible 2. Wear slippers! All inclusive slippers! 3. Double protection of waterproof bag, after all, the middle buffer part can take pictures 4. Water fight is the key link, water gun with water scoop, goggles, please prepare 5. Even if the eye makeup, then Severe eye makeup can not help all kinds of wild waves 6. Many dressing rooms are wood with toiletries, it is best to bring their own positive drift season, some tickets need to be ordered 1 day in advance ! [Relay recommended] Fuzhou-Yongtai Tianmenshan stimulation index: 5 drifting price: 178/person very cool! There is only one feeling of drifting down
Posted: 3 Aug 2019
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Domestic flower viewing strategy | early spring niche beautiful flower viewing recommended 1 Suzhou Tiger Hill plum into January, walking on the road, will always smell a faint fragrance, this is my favorite The plum blossoms, the tiger plums in Suzhou Huqiu should be planted in about 20 places, behind the mountains, behind the towers, behind the houses, inside and outside the bonsai gardens, in the corners of the corridors, the branches of the plums are dense, the flowers are good, and the flowers are beautiful. , a tree of plum, a tree of golden. Address: Huqiu Street, Gusu District. Viewing time: January-February 2Dali Wuliangshan cherry blossom yearly in mid-December, most of the country is cold and cold, and in the Nanxun County of Dali, Yunnan, a mountain called Wuliang Mountain In the middle, it has already been like a spring, with a rosy winter cherry blossom, as if walking into another spring blossoming world. Cherry blossoms are planted in thousands of acres of tea gardens as shade trees. The cherry blossoms in the Sakura Valley are open, with beautiful cherry blossoms and picturesque valleys. Address: Located in Wuliangshan Town, Nanzhang County, Dali Prefecture, 51 km from Nanzhang County. Viewing time: Every year from December to January 3 Tibet Linzhi Peach Blossom March warm air blows, and the peach blossoms everywhere are suddenly full of flour. Linzhi peach blossoms are mostly wild, and the foot of Tian Chou is spread. Compared to peach blossoms elsewhere, they are more casual and natural. Linzhi wild peach blossoms last for more than 40 days, and the best viewing time is from mid-March to early April. Jura Peach Village, Daze Village and Kasmu Village are recognized as peach blossom resorts. The three places are closer to Linzhi, both around 20km. Transportation: There is Linzhi Milin Airport nearby, and it is most convenient to charter to enjoy peach blossoms. Viewing time: March to April every year
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Qinghai Lake
Qinghai Lake
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