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Things To Do in Hanoi

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E15***08The lake a is an amazing place to check out on the weekend. They close off the roads and people are out and about enjoying music, food and scenery. Sit and have a coffee during the day and eat, drink through the night. There are often performances and various music going on.
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D53***25I had an amazing experience in Hanoi and lucky to have visited the Cathedral that av heard about for years.
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_We***24The lake is surrounded by green trees and dense shade. The lake is clear and mirror-like, elegant and quiet, with an average water depth of 1.5 meters or so. The shore is accompanied by ancient buildings such as the Pen Tower, the Hefeng Tower and the Water Margin. The water is decorated with scenic spots such as Yushan Margin, Qiyan Bridge, Zhenboting and Turtle Tower. It is the first scenic spot in Hanoi.
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Featured Neighbourhood
Heba korraahere is the old town , you can feel live every moment , traditional industry , traditional food and clothes
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E40***29The weather was extramely hot and every friday n monday closed, so we didnt have chance to visit inside.
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Emma TorchProbably the best hostel I've ever stayed in. Spotlessly clean, immaculately presented, lots of helpful information about sights and tours and I felt really safe. It was very comforting to know that I was staying in a safe and clean environment especially when a lot of the hostels I had stayed in, including my 4-month stay in a hostel in Australia, give the air of bed bugs and numerous, dirty inhabitants. This was a breath of fresh air. Large dorm rooms and recreational rooms, an internet room with up-to-date software and a great bar which served amazing deserts!! The bar was a great place to meet people and the drinks offers made it so easy to start off drinking games and break the ice!