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Things To Do in Anji

8,513 Reviews
E58***38Hello Kitty Park is an amazing place with very clean & green atmosphere around. This is the right place for the kids to enjoy. Entire theme is on the hello kitty & girl child would enjoy this place. Water park also is very attracting.
5,303 Reviews
D31***26The place is really awesome. I really liked it. It doesn't matter what you like. You just go there and you will find so many things. There is a zoo. Plenty of rides and so many beautiful scenes to see. I will strongly recommend to see this place. But you must spend your whole day to see it completely.
4,616 Reviews
北极星Summer does not play with water, do not call summer. In the hot summer 🌞, the most thing you want to do is jump into the water 🌊! "Summer + Water Play = Angie" On July 6, 2021, "To Anji to play with water" the fifth China Anji Water Festival will explode this summer 👙, a cool water play "squat" revelry feast on "water" swept away! Big projects, fun experience, cool attractions There are also many attractive preferential policies ..... Waiting for you to explore 👏!
3,070 Reviews
E58***38This is an exotic place on the earth where one can enjoy expanse of green bamboo forest everywhere. This is very well maintained park & oe must visit this beautiful place. There are lot of activities one can enjoy along with climbing up the mountain, walking on the glass bridge, experiencing breathtaking view of valley & mountains and swaying with the natural wind.
2,471 Reviews
cissy_onlyAnji has a lot of rafting. Because we took the children together, we studied it. We still chose to be safer and less exciting to Delongwang Mountain rafting. We left a little late, so there are not many rafting people, just three boats. We are two dads with one child and two boats here. The water fight is definitely necessary, the end is our two ships de water gun dry but people a ship de scorpion attack, we have a father here are all in the water, and don't forget to attack each other, live laugh spray, marched to the latter half, began to rain, the current is a bit urgent, Two children shouted the stimulus without fear of de, our son has been excited the whole process, said it is too fun, come back next time! PS: That is the female bathroom inside the hot water, the male bathroom not only does not have hot water, the water volume is also super small, can not find someone to solve, the child can only slightly flush a change of clothes out!
1,587 Reviews
M29***22Come to play with friends in the summer vacation. It is very cost-effective for more than 100 yuan. You don't have to pay extra money. It is recommended to eat a lot, the price is a little more expensive, but the scenic spot is like this. It is recommended that the cold skin under the cobra, the bowl is super big.