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6,094 Reviews
M33***05We went to the grassland early this morning to play, the mountains are beautiful, the play project is very rich, we a group of adults and children are not happy to play, cliff swing, the sky bike, glass path, sky steps, etc. We have played all over. The most worth mentioning is the valuable spirit of the staff of the Yunshang Grassland. The driver of the No. 2 pick-up car picked up my mobile phone at the first time and turned it in to the car transport headquarters. I was in a hurry when I lost my mobile phone. I started down the ropeway with the help of the staff. Find master Hu to get back the phone, now no mobile phone consequences can think of the difficult, master Hu's selfless spirit solved my eyebrows, and I want to thank him, master Hu is determined not to accept. Beautiful Anji, beautiful Yunshang Grassland is not only beautiful scenery, the staff is more beautiful, the service quality is more high quality, Yunshang Grassland is very worth a visit!
8,755 Reviews
Theme Park
E58***38Hello Kitty Park is an amazing place with very clean & green atmosphere around. This is the right place for the kids to enjoy. Entire theme is on the hello kitty & girl child would enjoy this place. Water park also is very attracting.
5,443 Reviews
Botanical Garden
D31***26The place is really awesome. I really liked it. It doesn't matter what you like. You just go there and you will find so many things. There is a zoo. Plenty of rides and so many beautiful scenes to see. I will strongly recommend to see this place. But you must spend your whole day to see it completely.
3,234 Reviews
E58***38This is an exotic place on the earth where one can enjoy expanse of green bamboo forest everywhere. This is very well maintained park & oe must visit this beautiful place. There are lot of activities one can enjoy along with climbing up the mountain, walking on the glass bridge, experiencing breathtaking view of valley & mountains and swaying with the natural wind.
4,675 Reviews
MM-ZAthe hike up to the top of the mountain was a little physically demanding but the view at the top was worth it. there is a small village that resides at the top of the mountain so you can even get drivers who will drive you down. the glass bridge was pretty awesome, we were the only people on it at the time which was surprising during golden week. we spent about 4 hours here. there was a few different waterfalls on the way up but they weren’t exactly flowing with a lot of water. perhaps the waterfalls are more admirable after a rainy period
1,559 Reviews
Amusement Park
Sharer[Smile R] Dive at the piglet is also worth two brushes. The pastoral Jiale is better than let me play ~🎈 Many Baoma asked me, where is the better play in Zhejiang? I definitely recommend Anji's pastoral Jiale ratio. This is a super treasure paradise, many people don't know. 📷 This park is a large area. It is said to occupy nearly 2,000 acres. It is said to be a park. But this is not just a park. It includes an amusement park, a water park, a zoo, an animal circus, a farming culture, picking, and a rural complex built as a group. 🎀The greening in the park is very good, the air is very fresh, rent a small electric car, take the children to go shopping, play, very comfortable. 🎉 There are many rides, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, slides, pirate ships, flying high in the sky, cableways, etc., I am not afraid that you are not enough to play, I am afraid that I can't play, and there are many small animals in the zoo to buy a carrot to feed the deer. No more than spending a large price to go to Nara ~💎 Oh, there is a horse farm in the park. This is the only project in the park that charges a single fee. Come and ride a horse, don't mention how cool. 💌 There are so many fun in the scenic area, such as watching the pig diving, and the sea lion show, it is easy to play, forget the time, the park closes at 5 pm, pay attention to control the play time.

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Anji Travel Tips

About Anji

Anji (安吉), located in Zhejiang Province in China’s northwest, is famous for its bamboo and is known as “China’s Bamboo Village.” Sights here include the Anji Bamboo Museum, which showcases a comprehensive collection of bamboo varieties; the Tianhuangping (天荒坪) Pumped Storage Power Station; China’s Bamboo Sea, where some outdoor scenes in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were shot; and Longwang (龙王) Mountain, whose peaks afford infinite vistas and from where the Huangpu (黄浦) River originates. Other attractions include the Hidden Dragon Waterfalls, Kowloon (九龙) Gorge, Furong (芙蓉) Gorge and the Wu Changshuo (吴昌硕) Memorial Hall. There is so much beauty here, it’s hard to take it all in.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Anji
26 Oct, 2021 Anji Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 80%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:11/17:19
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