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Things To Do in Avignon

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01234567890liAvignon old teaching on the side of the palace Cathedrale Notre Dame des Doms, is the Notre Dame cathedral, is the biggest church in avignon, of primitive simplicity and elegant. Notre Dame cathedral is located in the next to the palace, the reconstruction in the middle of the twelfth century, avignon is one of the oldest religious architecture. Inside the church has a clock tower, a total of 35 minutes, is said to be the clock tower second resonant voice, France each clock has its own name, because the size is different, so the sound is also different.
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Ancient Settlement
翱翔的大鲨鱼The Old City of Avignon is the most lively city in Provence, South France. Because the Pope moved out of Rome and resided here, the Papal Palace and Notre-Dame Cathedral have become must-see attractions. In addition, the San Benezé Bridge and The old city wall is also the best place to see the entire old city.
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
01234567890liRoman theatre is the Colosseum and the eponymous Roman building, central residual marble columns is busy always imagine the Roman times. The 1st century BC, can accommodate nearly ten thousand people here in the grand theatre, preserved to the present with meters outside Taiwan remains, background wall decoration, stage, etc. Now there are performance group theatre will be used for national costume festival, are held large-scale exhibition, cabaret, etc.
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withfionaIf the most surprising city in South France, it may not be Nice or Cannes as everyone knows, but Avignon in July. The theater festival in Avignon and the sunny beaches of southern France are really the best way to open in summer
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Historical Architecture
withfionaEvery summer, my friends recommend me the most memorable resort, and South France will always come to my mind first. In July, go to Avignon, to see the best drama, the most beautiful scenery, drink the best wine, and sunbathe.
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Observation Deck
Featured Neighbourhood
withfionaWhether the Stone Castle in Avignon is the prototype of the Sky City in Hayao Miyazaki's works is no longer important. In such a beautiful city, the warm sunshine, mellow wine, and intoxicating scenery are enough to make people yearn for