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Geological Sites
320***45When you go to the National Day, the scenic area needs to take the cable car or bus to the mountain. The scenic area is relatively large. It needs to arrange the route reasonably according to your own situation. The natural scenery is too beautiful, especially the sea of clouds. The risks of the scenic spot can be comparable to Huashan, and there are strange geology and landforms in Zhangjiajie.
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longlong8231038Traveling in the eleventh hour, there are not many tourists because of the rain. The overall scenery is good, and the two canyons are particularly comfortable along the water. But the cable car and the view from the top are generally. It is recommended to go in the summer, it is said to be a summer resort. There is a chance to go again in the hot weather.
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yjw2000Yishui Lake is located 25 kilometers southwest of Yixian City, 150 kilometers from Beijing, 80 kilometers from Xiong'an New District, Lianlian "Rejecting Horse Bentao", Xiaqi "Yishui cold current", Nanwang "Langshan Jingxiu", and the north boundary "Yunmeng Diecui". The area of the water is about 27 square kilometers, the capacity is 3.9 billion cubic meters, the deepest reaches 48.5 meters. Yishui Lake, the mountains are unsurpassed, the air is clean and dustless, the trees are prosperous. Yishui Lake "Little Guilin" is located in the lakeside of Yishui Lake, vine Luo upside down cliffs, sketch out the southern scenery of Guilin landscape painting, the mountain has fairy cave, fairy bridge, fairy canal, prince hat and other attractions, leaving the seven fairy godfather's beautiful legend. Visitors leave a good sentence: seven fairy to this country, easy water lake landscape small Guilin, to know the beauty of the scenery here, why a thousand miles down the river south. Lake, blue waves, can rafting, can diving, can set hook fishing, can take a boat view. Swinging along the lake east, you can see the east side of the Kowloon Mountains on the strange stone stand.
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孙张之旅80The mountain is steep and steep, named for its sharp-shaped shape, which is known for the tragic story of five Eight Route Army soldiers fighting with the sun and then jumping off a cliff.
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槟城吴三桂Just returned from the wild three slopes, want to tell you their own ideas. I don't know if I went at the wrong time. I feel that the Bailixia Scenic Area is really general. I don't know what to shoot with my mobile phone. I feel that it is ok to bend in normal times. But I will be disappointed by the attitude of enjoying the beautiful scenery. There is no decent attraction for people to stop at. All the attractions are very far-fetched, the most uncharacteristic is the mountain, when you climb up after a lot of effort, you will find that there is no view at all, and then walk down the other side. There are streams running along the roadside throughout the scenic area, but they are too neat and artificially constructed, like a wider sewer, man-made, understandable, should also make some strange stones, streams make some irregular shape, at least look natural. There is also the water curtain cave, I thought like the water curtain cave of Baligou Tianhe Waterfall, people walk under the waterfall, the result is a tunnel with a lamp belt, wait for you to go to the end staff will tell you that this is the side door exit, that sour. Disappointed to the explosion, don't say that 5A like Yuntai Mountain, is weakly exploded with the 4A Baligou, even compared with the dragon gate sky pass of the scenic spot. It is recommended that everyone prepare for their thoughts. After all, it is the main scenic spot of wild three slopes. If you go, you can go and see it. The Tianguan of Longmen is worth seeing. Whether it is the scenery under the mountain or the scenery at the top, it makes people feel forgetting fatigue. It is not a worthwhile trip! Longmen Tianguan I want to complain a little, the parking lot is located 2 kilometers away from the ticket gate what is the intention? And 30 small bus, forcing people to spend money on the bus? You can either stop the car park so far, or the small bus is free, the food is too ugly, the blindness is good, our city zoo parking lot set far, all provide free bus, you are 5A is the attitude? Fish Valley Dongquan is very general, have time to go, no time to give up, nothing to see. Start looking at the introduction to see a lot of strange stones, to the inside feel nothing, matched with good far-fetched, not to see it. I am not qualified to say how I feel. I didn't go in, because I went to the gate of the scenic spot and saw the typing of the cable car price, and went straight. Single round-trip is 90 yuan, 1.2 meters below free, and the above is 90 yuan. The cable car is not far away, what kind of thing supports such a high price. Because I had already walked the day through the Tianguan, physical strength is not enough to climb the white grass, so go straight home, early ending the journey. The little friends I said my suggestion, if go to Baili Gorge first, then go to the foot of the mountain climbing, turn back, then go another road, go to the foot of the mountain to complete the journey, because that mountain is really superfluous, waste physical effort to climb. Save the physical strength and time, go to the Longmen Tianguan browsing it well, 30 yuan for small bus 30 yuan, save physical strength to climb the mountain, the scenery is really good, a day browsing. The next day I want to go to the white grass to take the cable car without bad money, and I will climb it if I have physical strength. I didn't know how the scenery is, it's not good to evaluate. There are a lot of more than fish valley caves, you can go or not.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Shan姗After the sunset, the inhabitant of the park. Sometimes, he stands on a dead tree to start his dinner.

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Baishishan World GeoparkBaoding,China

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About Baoding

Baoding is a city in Hebei which has been famous for more than two thousand years. It was the provincial capital of Hebei from 1966 to 1968. The Zhili Provincial Governor’s Office and the Ancient Lotus Pool are two sites in downtown Baoding that showcase the glory of this ancient city. Leaving the city proper, the natural landscape of Yesanpo has become an excellent place for escaping the summer heat. You can also go to Lake Baiyangdian and take a wooden boat through the verdant reeds. If you find the history of China's Qing Dynasty interesting, the Western Qing Tombs won't let you down. This is the final resting place of many Qing dynasty emperors including Yongzheng and Daoguang.

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26 Oct, 2021 Baoding Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 31%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:38/17:26
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