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Things To Do in Belarus

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Mr VeeeI was there for Independence Day if Belarus to see the celebration, it is such a beautiful walk and good architecture.. well preserved and clean. people are friendly and I had a great time.
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天鹅湖的青蛙The fortress area near the border is still the one that fends off enemies outside the country. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, 528 modern fighter jets were bombed on the airport, and then there was a large-scale encirclement and annihilation.
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City Hall
LikeGorThe style of Minsk, the capital of Belarus (formerly Belarus), is completely different from that of Moscow, the capital of Russia. There is a sense of leisure in the countryside. Walking on the streets is full of fresh air and clear sky. You can't help being curious about this mysterious city.
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雨田Very shocking! When entering the thick entrance in the shape of a five-pointed star, the vigorous and passionate boys' chorus brought people into the tragic mood of war. Then, we saw the houses full of gun-holes and the remains of the war, the giant statues of the victims, and those pointing directly at the sky. The monuments will remind people of the cruelty of war that makes people tremble. Today I happened to catch up with the recruit education, seeing the young faces and strong bodies of those soldiers, I sincerely hope that they can defend peace and prevent war!
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Historical Architecture
Tree-LiBelarus National Security Agency headquarters in Minsk, Belarus, is the headquarters of Kleb, the former Soviet Union. Now it is available for tourists to visit, it is very shocking, go see it! .............
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E57***04the cathedral looks great, the streets are clean, people surround you from every where, i recommend to visit.