Province of Benevento
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Things To Do in Benevento

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一米qThe Basilica of Saint Sophia of Benevento, located in the center of the small Italian city of Benevento, is a historic Baroque building with a pale yellow facade and exquisite reliefs that make people feel sacred and solemn, and step into the church. Without too much decoration, everything is so quiet.
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Historical Site
一米qThe Triumphal Arch of Trajan of Benevento, located at the entrance of the small Italian city of Benevento, is an ancient Roman-style triumphal arch with a long history. Despite the vicissitudes of life, it is still well preserved and is also a local landmark.
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Historical Site
_GG***77I cant say anything just wow.....see the monuments and ancient building that collapse by reaction of the volcano mount. l would like to recommended the friends the impression of the place that can describe by words.
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E29***36Absolutely beautiful mountain and the grapes grown on the mountainaide make some delicious wines! I highly suggest doing a tour and wine tasting!
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cycat20It is not a historical cultural relic level, but it has become the cover of travel magazines and Internet celebrities in recent years because of the colorful houses. It's only an hour's drive from Naples. The houses are built on the cliffs, and the roads are very narrow and difficult to walk. The houses in the town have been transformed into shops, restaurants and accommodations, and many products are handmade locally. The local area is rich in lemons, so there are many lemon products, such as soap and perfume. You can bring some back to your country to give people away.
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elsashen0529The New Fort of Naples is built right next to the seaside port. Tickets need to be purchased. There are Chinese-language guide machines. There are still many historical relics in the entire New Fort. The preservation is fairly good. There is also a building with an elevator. , There are many fine art paintings and religious sacred objects, here you can see the seaside and the Soviet volcano in the distance