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Things To Do in Berlin

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E56***32I have never seen such as beautiful Cathedral church before , Berlin Cathedral Church is the one attracted me to visited for half of day
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_GG***82Nice stroll after a great meal near Mall of Berlin! There's plenty of great structure and places of interest along the way. Take time by walking down from the mall. (:
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Historical Architecture
E33***37Great views across the city with interesting tour guide included free of charge!
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City Park
E82***58Berlin is a unique and vibrant city, unparalleled with preserved reminders from history. Every inch of East Berlin feels dedicated to the story of the people, from monuments commemorating feats of courage and tragedy, to museums dedicated to the city's art movements. A truly revolutionary spirit runs through this city. It was a privilege to visit. I love cold war history and my visit to the wall still sticks in my mind.
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D33***27The memorial is a thoughtful offering to all people, which needs to be experienced. tread slowly through the cement blocks and pay attention to what feelings arise. From the way the ground goes up and down in waves to depict unsteadiness, to the stripping off individual identities that the blocks represent, they all tell different facets of the story. take your time here. We owe it to our present and future selves.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
_FB***26Strongly recommend to purchase the two days pass. If u like ancient history, this is the place u must visit.