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Historical Site
juki235juki235The Cathedral of St. John of Valletta can definitely be described as magnificent. You can see gold when you enter the church. The entire interior of the church is veneered with gold leaf, which shows the degree of luxury. The mass here is solemn and there are many believers. It is definitely worth visiting.
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City Park
DJDQDJDQThe mysterious blue cave is worth exploring, but you have to try your luck. When we arrived that day, the blue cave was not open because of the wind, and it was a pity that we couldn't go boating to experience it in depth. However, watching from afar on the shore is spectacular enough, and this charming blue of the Mediterranean is deeply impressed by the memories of this life.
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渭南松赞干布渭南松赞干布The Grand Palace, also known as the Palace of the Chiefs of the Knights, is located in the center of the capital Valletta. It was built between the 16th and 18th centuries. It was the palace of the chiefs of the Knights of St. John who ruled Malta. It is also known as the Palace of Priesthood. During the British rule, it was the British Governor's Palace. After 1974, it was the seat of the Maltese Presidential Palace and Parliament. Part of this palace, the Palace Armory, is open to the public as a museum managed by the Maltese heritage. The presidential palace contains many portraits of European monarchs, leaders of the knights, and treasures such as medieval knights. There are more than 5,000 historical weapons and other equipment in the palace’s armory, which are important cultural relics for the study of historical wars and social development.
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Theme Park
fz570628fz570628In the Disney cartoon fairy tale, there is a "Popeye" who eats spinach and is extremely powerful. In Malta, a "Popeye Village" was created according to this fairy tale. The village has a barber shop, a bakery, a sawmill, a post office, a fishing shop, and a shoemaker's shop. After the live-action Popeye movie was filmed, these scenes were completely preserved.
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小思文小思文A part of the famous defense of Malta, this fort is also a very interesting facility. The entire fort is very popular. There are many huge defensive buildings, and there are some traces of the war.
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Observation Deck
流浪的小miumiu流浪的小miumiuI didn't expect to have such a perfect medieval garden on an island country in the Mediterranean. Unexpectedly! It's more beautiful than Italy and Greece. After reading this, then look at the Schönbrunn Palace in Austria. It is really weak. Schönbrunn Palace is like a large suburban lawn. Hahahaha, the picture above, see for yourself

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