Blanco County
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Things To Do in Blanco County

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City Park
游侠These rejuvenation activities are only available at this time during the National Day of the United States.
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davidnewtonThe surrounding area of Hamilton Pool was originally a karst cave. The top of the mountain collapsed thousands of years ago, forming a unique landscape now. This past, it was the off-season, there were basically no tourists, and it happened to be able to appreciate every beauty here seriously and easily. In this season, the water is not strong, and the waterfalls and water curtains from the dome are not formed, but they cannot weaken the peculiarity and magnificence here. Walking in the other direction along the stream, you can see the wonderful landscape cut by the water for thousands of years in the strange rocks, and the odd-shaped ancient trees on both sides of the stream absorbing nutrients from the stream. Tickets here are charged by car, $15 per car, only cash.
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Historical Site
New_York_GossipWhen you come to LBJ National Historical Park, you can see the home of President LBJ when he was a child. He was born and grew up in this seemingly humble house. You can visit inside, but many specific rooms can only be seen at the door. With white walls and gray eaves, the house is not as historical as we imagined, probably because it was renovated. But it’s located on a large farm, so it’s fun to live here.
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New_York_GossipWhen I came to LBJ Farm, I felt like "Gone with the Wind". The origin of the name of the "Texas White House" is that President LBJ spent a lot of time here during his tenure, not in the well-known White House in Washington, DC. Texas White House is much smaller than we thought. When visiting, we must follow the official tour guide and cannot tour by ourselves.
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Historical Architecture
西溪老翁Texas Capitol Plaza The Texas State Capitol is on a hillside in downtown Austin. The Capitol looks like the U.S. Capitol, but the color is light brown. There are many monuments and various sculptures around the Capitol to commemorate major historical events in Texas history, the previous world wars and civil wars that Texas participated in, and some historical buildings. The governor's residence is also nearby.
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_We***07There are many stalactites in this cave which are very similar to some caves in China, but the caves here are very well lit. Most of them use natural light. Unlike the domestic caves in China, which are very deep, they use more Neon lights and some led lights.