Bohol Island
Central Visayas
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476 Reviews
Ays1979Magnificent! Seeing those 100's of kisses chocolate-like hills is extra-ordinary! Truly a wonder of nature. I could just stare at them whole day, day-dreaming... What if they were really chocolate? Dang! Sugar rush!!! Hahahahhaha
310 Reviews
Rosseaubrilliant stretch of white sand with bars and restaurants! Had cheap beers and good food! highly recommend Nicole’s ice cream
341 Reviews
EnjoyTripThe beach is so clear and clean, that you can also swim with small fishes. The island is just small that you can just walk around it. Though you really need to rent a boat going there from bantayan island but it will just take 15 to 20 mins ride. You have to be in your swimwear when you get off the boat since there is no docking area, so you have to be ready for your legs to get wet. You cannot bring food in the island because there is a corkage so you have to eat first in the boat.
280 Reviews
Geological Sites
Mike KazawskiThe place itself is amazing. Although they are not as other states but personally to me they still okay to visit.
26 Reviews
Rhea Ongayomy fear of heights were conquered here. And our team shows all smiles despite of our fears!
161 Reviews
fcy911When traveling to Bohol Island in the Philippines, the Lobo River is one of the must-visit attractions, known as the "Oriental Amazon River". Everyone was on a boat tour, the pristine tropical scenery on both sides of the strait made people linger, this kind of beauty is rare. The singers on the ship sang familiar songs. Later, the singer invited tourists to sing. Some of the companions who were not stage fright sang. There are many characteristic houses on both sides of the strait, and many children are still performing here. There are also many interesting buildings on the riverside, which remind you to find out. Taking the boat down the river, slowly, time seems to be slowing down, the wish seems to stagnate, and gradually intoxicated.

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Baclayon Ecclesiastical MuseumBohol Island,Philippines

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Canuba BeachBohol Island,Philippines

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Alona BeachBohol Island,Philippines

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Doljo BeachBohol Island,Philippines

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Alona Palm Beach ResortBohol Island,Philippines

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Kaligoon Cave PoolBohol Island,Philippines

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Bohol Island
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Bohol Island Travel Tips

About Bohol Island

Bohol Island is the Philippines' diving paradise and holiday resort. Deep beneath the waves, the water here holds a wondrous landscape, while, on land, there are ancient churches, cute tarsier monkeys and beautiful natural scenery. The island’s Chocolate Hills were used as background scenes in the filmography of the “Harry Potter” film franchise. Every year in the dry season the grasses atop the mountain become brittle and turn the color of chocolate. It is an enchantingly beautiful landscape that will sweep you off your feet. At the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary you can feast your eyes on adorable tarsiers. Go to the La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church (commonly known as Baclayon Church) for stunning views of the stained glass inside the nave. Take a cruise on the Loboc River to simultaneously enjoy the tropical rainforest scenery while all eating delicious Filipino specialties. There are many small islands in the vicinity of Bohol, and Bohol Island is a transit and transfer point for travelers going island hopping.

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Bohol Island Weather

17 Oct, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
24 ~ 27
18 Oct, 2021
Partly Clear with Thunder and Rain
25 / 28
19 Oct, 2021
25 / 28
20 Oct, 2021
23 / 27
21 Oct, 2021
25 / 28
22 Oct, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
26 / 26
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Bohol Island
17 Oct, 2021 Bohol Island Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 81%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:32/17:26
Bohol Island Running: Not Recommended, Cycling: Not Recommended

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