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Things To Do in Bonifacio

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BetTerDAYBonifacio’s market square, how can I say it, it’s more conventional, you can see the feeling of a big city, but it’s hard to tell what distinguishes the characteristics of the Philippines at a glance, it is another Singapore or Pudong at first glance
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汤姆猫大王Here you can visit historic buildings, walk on the old narrow streets, winding steep stairs all the way up, here is very spectacular, beautiful scenery, is also one of the famous tourist attractions in Europe.
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BetTerDAYAlthough I took a lot of photos in Bonifacio, there is an obvious feeling that there does not seem to be any photo that can be recognized as the Philippines at a glance, except for those photos that contain text.
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000***51The history of Sardinia can be traced back to 400,000 years ago, when their ancestors may have been wandering near the island. After the unification of the Kingdom of Spain in 1479, Sardinia became part of its territory. Today, some small towns on the island still have a Spanish style. After the unification of Italy in 1861, Sardinia fell under the administrative jurisdiction of Rome. Drive north along the seaside road, one step at a time, green trees and flowers shade the houses with Mediterranean scenery. The Emerald Coast is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Don't care where you drive, don't strictly follow the navigation, drive along any path, and you will see a beautiful scenery in front of you.
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pxy0705Although Palau is a small country, his presidential palace is very impressive, no worse than the White House of the United States. The entire presidential palace is matched by yellow and white, which looks very rich. The Capitol, like the United States, is a white and red roofed building, which looks very majestic.
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