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Things To Do in Buffalo

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love is blueHistory buffs will appreciate this "museum", there are so many things to see. Enjoy everything here. You can stay there all day, but spend at least 2-3 hours walking around the museum, looking at ships and submarines, looking at historical artifacts, photos, military vehicles, uniforms, etc. I find it very charming and worth the time. There is also a small restaurant/bar in the museum with a beautiful lake view. highly recommended! Kids of all ages will love it here!
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E31***95its very nice place one of the best thing you shuld do in your life.
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love is blueIf you like decorative arts, it is definitely worth going from a high-rise or political perspective. Especially for free (noon but ticket check is required), you can see what is the metal under the seats in the assembly hall. The only drawback is the lack of female parliamentarians.
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City Park
山茶叶蛋糕Not far from Niagara Falls, it is located at the entrance of Lake Ontario. It is a park built as a castle fortress. The scenery is very good. It faces Lake Ontario and has a very spacious lawn. Tourists who visit Niagara Falls for a long distance can rest here. .
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一米qThe Allentown Historic District, located in the north of Buffalo, Buffalo, is an old district with a long history. Most of the buildings in the block are in European Gothic style, with red walls and gray roofs, and there are many churches in the block.
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sculptorNiagara Falls International Rainbow Bridge (commonly known as Rainbow Bridge) is an arch bridge across the Niagara River Canyon. It spans 290 meters and connects New York State and Ontario, Canada. The rainbow bridge was designed by architect Richard Lee (Richard Lee), and it was opened on 1941 11 1.